BOSSI: A most loyal and gentle soul

All about BOSSI: A most loyal and gentle soul

CHIP NO: 250269100312641
DATE OF BIRTH: 15 June 2021
BREED TYPE: Border Collie
VACCINATED: Yes with passport
OK CHILDREN: Older responsible
OK CATS: Not lived with recently
OK LIVESTOCK: Not lived with recently

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BOSSI is now ready to find his forever home and boy does he deserve it!

Sadly he had been misunderstood by people who thought they knew what he needed . . .  which resulted in him going backwards rather than forwards.  At long last he has been in foster in a home that understands him completely and where he has been able to blossom and shine for the dog that he is.  He will always be a shy dog that needs a little time in new situations; he will thrive with a mature and well-balanced older dog so that the dog can continue to show him the way; he will love a country way of life; but above all else he will love his human family to be there for him and him for them.

We are therefore very keen indeed to make sure that wherever he goes next it is to the right home – one that can follow on the work of his current fosterer who has turned a very nervous and closed down lad into a joyful one.

BOSSI needs to know that he does not have to lead anything anywhere any time.  That he can rely totally on his human to know what is needed.  He will comply and return with love and gratitude.  So BOSSI needs to know that he is part of his own pack – including another canine companion, is definitely not the boss (despite his name), likes a general routine though he deals well with change.  He’s been to loads of different places with his fosterer – but she has been the constant factor, dealing with him in exactly the same way no matter where they might land.  And therein lies the key to his happiness.

He was said previously to be fearful of men.  There has been no evidence of this though it is true that he probably responds better to female-type energy and certainly not someone who is desperate that he should like them from word go, or who is constantly coercing him to behave in a certain way.  Gentle, kind and patient handling that comes from the heart is essential.

BOSSI first came under our wing along with his 5 other siblings who were abandoned at several months old having never experienced any aspect of life.  They did not know what a lead was, what the outside world was like, and indeed had had very little human contact.  BOSSI is the last one of the group to be still searching for that perfect home.  He has been the most unlucky of all of them having gone to well-meaning families who sadly could not meet his needs which were very simple.  After several months in foster, we are now happy that BOSSI will do as well as any of his siblings given the right family and environment.  Handover and continuity are essential for this boy.

We feel that ideally we’d be looking at a family that loves a quiet, country life with their dog.  BOSSI is perfectly happy in small groups, but not for him the busy city life.  Probably best a family without very young, unruly and unpredictable children full of the joys of spring because he finds that frightening and worrying, unless of course there is that magical person who knows how to instantly bring peace and tranquility when it is needed!  Absolutely essential is a canine companion who will give BOSSI the doggy reassurance that he needs, and with whom one would hope he might be allowed to play.  Here he is enjoying play with his foster sibling and a visiting disabled dog who just loves a game.

BOSSI is currently in foster in Department 19 (Corrèze).   A willingness to travel to meet him is we feel a vital plus – we have to have no doubt that the choice is right for BOSSI this time; and this means that he is right for your family too.

If you feel you could give BOSSI what he needs and that he equally would fill a gap in your family, please complete the online application by clicking the link on this page, or if you are already known to us, please drop us a line to