BRANSTON – Testing out his forever home.

All about BRANSTON – Testing out his forever home.

Chip No: 250268723123118
Date of Birth: 1 March 2020 (Vet guesstimate)
Breed Type: German Shorthaired Pointer (Braque)
Vaccinated: Yes with passport
Sterilised: Yes
OK other dogs: yes
OK cats: remote cat test done

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BRANSTON since his time in foster has turned into a most endearing your dog with superb temperament and full of the energy of youth and his breed type.   He is up and ready for the get-go.   He is equally happy when it’s time to snuggle on the sofa.  He has gained weight and now has a sleek coat covering a well-formed body.   His anxieties and fears remain with new things.  that said he has taken his introduction to loads of new things from plant pots to shopping  in his stride, so all he needs is someone with lots of patience whilst he continues his growth and development period.

His story:

How does a dog mysteriously turn up in a dog lover’s garden in the early hours of the morning?  We shall probably never know but this boy was very lucky and will be landing on his feet . . . . just as soon as they are better.  Several of his claws on front and rear paws were non-existent with indications of bleeding and pain.   He was stick thin and terrified.  Still just a wee puppy of 10 months . . . and his tail had been illegally docked.

From the moment he was found crouched in that garden, BRANSTON was safe.  He has now moved to his foster home where every care is being taken of him in order to bring him back to the vivacious young dog he should be.

He has the most gloriously coloured deep copper coat with eyes to match, though at the moment these eyes hold more fear than joy.  That will soon change.

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BRANSTON is in foster in Department 11, Aude.