BRIVE – The Ears Have It!

All about BRIVE – The Ears Have It!

CHIP NO: 250269100312513
DATE OF BIRTH: 15 September 2021

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Sometimes puppies get off to a bad start . . . and these unfortunates find themselves abandoned and looking for another home almost before they have got started in their young lives.

BRIVE is no exception.  He’s managed to get to 7 months old and has not had very much at all by way of love, let alone education.  Whilst a tad timid at first, he is desperate to be seen, to be loved and to bond with a human.  He mixes well with other dogs in the refuge, is lovely with humans.  Not yet cat tested but again he is very young and would learn.  So some good pluses to start off with.

Les Amis des Animaux desperately want to help him .  . . . BUT we need a fosterer for him – it could be Foster with View to Adoption.  Can you give BRIVE his chance of a great future by fostering him and helping him become just a brilliant young dog?  It will be highly rewarding.

If you would like to help BRIVE, please let us know by completing the online application on this page, or if you are already an approved fosterer or potential home, just drop us a line at