BYRON – Urgently needs a foster home with a garden!

All about BYRON – Urgently needs a foster home with a garden!

Chip No: 250269100123417
Breed Type: Boxer X
Date of Birth: 1 May 2017
Vaccinated: Yes, including passport
Sterilised: Yes

Enquire about BYRON – Urgently needs a foster home with a garden!

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BYRON – is potentially facing a return to the refuge which we want to avoid.  IF we can find a foster home that is experienced in helping reactive dogs, with no other dogs and a garden!!

Yes, it is a HUGE ask!!

This boy is a boy of two halves.  He is utterly and absolutely loyal to his humans.  He has not learned to accept other dogs and is reactive when out – seriously so.  This is something that only manifested once he was in foster . . . in a home with no garden but with lots of walking and exercise opportunities.  This activity has become difficult as he is in a town environment, and the inevitability of meeting other dogs is just too great for him to make the progress that is needed.  He is strong and focussed when he has locked onto another dog.  The training he needs is therefore nigh on impossible in this situation – and the reason we are desperately hoping that there is someone out there who is strong, healthy and skilled to help him.

In the home he is just lovely – with fosterer and with visitors.  Not a problem at all.  With a garden we feel his training, desensitisation and re-conditioning, can be done in a managed way which is not currently possible.  This is what his fosterer said at first and continues to say:

I have been very impressed with Byron’s behaviour, past training achievements and general attitude and aptitude. He’s proven to be gentle with children and adult accepting patting etc.

He sits when commanded, stops automatically at crossing a road, is always a step behind up and down stairs and through doors – many things that are advanced training in my ‘school’

Help, guidance and support if needed would be available – but the environment has to be right for this to work.

So BYRON is at a crossroads – with the right person he could become a super dog – yes it will take a lot of work but it is absolutely possible.  An expert dog handler has confirmed this to be the case.

If we fail to find this person, he may end up a permanent refugee – or worse still constantly being adopted and returned.

If you think you can help BYRON but have never fostered with us before – please complete the online form:  If you want to discuss any aspect with us, then please write to

BYRON is currently in foster in Department 11 (Aude) but finding the right person/family for him to be fostered is more important than location.