CHIP NO: 250269590091832
DATE OF BIRTH: 1 January 2016 (vet guestimate)
BREED TYPE: Brittany Spaniel
VACCINATED: Yes including Passport
OK DOGS: Yes (both male and female) in leisure environment.
OK CATS: No, never lived with
OK CHILDREN: No reason to doubt with respectful children


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Can you bring this boy some luck?

Almost a year ago CANAILLOU or CALLY found himself on his own in the pension side of the refuge because his owner had been taken into hospital seriously ill.  He spent a couple of months there and then as his owner was still not well,  we were asked to help finding him a short-term foster.  This we did.  At the end of that period he was due to return to the refuge and hopefully be collected by his owner . . . but his owner was still unable to leave hospital.  So rather than return to the refuge, he went into a classy boarding pension.  It was good, but it was not home.  Time passed, and finally it was clear his owner would never again be fit enough to look after him – so would we help him find a forever home.

And this is where he has been for a good few months.  But sadly bad luck has struck CALLY yet again.  His family are having to move back to the UK and put simply there is no room for CALLY.

CALLY needs a little bit of magic, a little bit of luck to find a human who is not going to have to let him down again.  It has to be third time lucky for this boy who is a mature dog at 5 years old,  and still very lively and full of joie de vivre.

He’s a pretty good all-rounder – just no cats as he has had no experience of living with them and they are therefore a thing to chase.   CALLY travels well, loves a ball or a stick to fetch and return, walks well on the lead, is clean in the home – in fact all the credentials you might look for in an adult dog.

CALLY is a spaniel X so still needs a home where a good daily walk is the norm; a garden where he can play with his beloved ball, and a human in whom he can trust and who is not going to disappear (though he can be left alone in the home without problem for a short while).  He would even really love to do some sort of canine activity to learn more.

Being on the smaller end of medium sized, CALLY will fit perfectly into any family.   If this endearing chappie appeals to you and you can give him the life he needs, please contact us on  We do reply to all enquiries.

CALLY is currently based in Department 32 (Gers), but can be adopted throughout France and beyond.