CARAMEL: A heart of gold looking for a chance

All about CARAMEL: A heart of gold looking for a chance

Chip no: TBA
M/F? M
Date of birth: 25/10/2021
Sterilised? Yes
Breed type: Labrit X Griffon

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CARAMEL the Confounder!  We cannot understand why this lad has been in and out of the refuge since the age of 10 months . . . adopted 3 times and returned 3 times

It is true that he has a relatively keen interest in cats when they are on the move but other than that it is difficult to fault this gentle, laid-back lad who, despite all that has happened to him, loves humans and wants to please.

So at the moment Caramel is in a pension arrangement.  This was a starter to get him out of the refuge and see how he really was.  Given his history we did not know what to anticipate . . . what we were not expecting was an easy-going, trouble-free lad whose only apparent downfall at the moment is an excitability around cats.

This is the feedback we’ve had on him so far in the short time he has been en pension:

It is clear that he has had some training before and he seems responsive to the idea of learning.  He’s still young so can be excitable but nothing untoward at all.  He just loves attention.  Because of his exuberance he’d probably be better in the hands of someone with exuberant dog experience – ie how to calm it, not hype it up!  His tail never stops wagging.  He can get stimulated by other “excitable” dogs that we have in from time to time, but it is a reaction to them.  He does not seem to be an instigator.

In the right hands and with someone who enjoys working with a dog, he’ll be a smasher!!

So for now we are looking for a foster home (maybe with view to adoption) with someone who will help him have the development opportunity he needs, to build on what he clearly knows already.  See the video where he is off-lead in an enclosed field and his response to recall.

CARAMEL is currently en pension in Department 65 (Hautes Pyrenees).

If you think you would love to have a chap like this in your life and would love to give him a great chance, then please complete the online application form – link on this page.  Or, if you are already known to us, then please just drop us a line at and we shall be delighted to hear from you.