CHAMPI – a star in the making

All about CHAMPI – a star in the making

CHIP NO: 250269100219472
DATE OF BIRTH: 1 October 2019
BREED TYPE: Border Collie
VACCINATED: Yes, including rabies and passport
OK DOGS: Yes, a fellow dog is a must for him

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Not yet two years old, CHAMPI came into foster with us having lived “homeless” for five months – afraid of humans and the world – this totally non-aggressive boy was finally persuaded into captivity and safety.  It took several weeks in the refuge with which we work to get him used to human touch and having a harness and lead on.  Once achieved we were able to get him into the foster home he needed in order to blossom into a wonderful dog.

In just the space of a few days CHAMPI had already shown himself to be willing – even eager – for the love of a home.  He definitely relied on his canine family to lead him and show him where it is safe, but he became braver by the day. He soon discovered the comforts of a roaring fire and even the occasional lap! One month into foster and this boy had braved “the snip”, found great friends with two resident dogs, learned about lead walking and running, been off-lead, experienced bikes, push-chairs, joggers, done a number of mountain walks, and also proved himself to be a great little traveller!
It was apparent that he was blind in his right eye, but his excellent ‘nose’ compensated well.

This is what his foster Mum had to say about him:

Champi (also known as bluey)
This beautiful one blue eyed fluffy white boy is just a complete star.
From a hide as faraway from everyone to this:
Comes up on the sofa for cuddles, eats his food in the same room as everyone, comes in when called, happy in the car, likes having his harness put on.
He still sticks to my Mir’s side when out and off lead so recall is as good as hers . Absolutely zero aggression, he just missed out on socializing but I’m pretty sure he now realises that us humans are a pretty good lot. Still nervous of new people but if they let him come to them he laps up the strokes and cuddles……And he has now begun to play with toys.
He LOVES all dogs and must go to a home with another dog…. he’s a bit of a ladies man so would prefer a girl

Once we considered that this lovely boy had made sufficient progress and was ready to move to a forever home, Champi was quickly snapped up and taken into ‘foster with a view to adoption’ where he was adored and settled immediately. However two months into his proposed adoption, there is a possibility that his eye problem may have unexpectedly deteriorated or it may simply be that the brighter days are causing glare which hampers his vision. Whatever the cause, the family now feel that their lifestyle of travelling a lot in their motorhome, sometimes in busy environments, is simply too difficult for him to adapt to and would cause him undue stress. A specialist appointment is now booked to review his vision.
In the words of his would-be adopters:
It is with great sadness that we need to find another home for this lovely dog. In the normal day to day routine indoors you would not question his eyesight. He presents as a bright, intelligent and happy dog. The eye problems which he has are well masked by his wonderful nose.
When he arrived he liked to hide away in the hallway – I accepted it as shyness and ‘settling in’ but he will still choose to do this for most of the time and I believe that he is avoiding the sunlight.
He does love to go for a walk and he responds to name and almost always returns when called. Off lead he trots ahead often coming back and circling us and he now walks well on a loose lead in a calm environment but can show fear (lying down, shaking, and refusing to move) in even slightly more busy environments.
He is bright, obedient, affectionate and active but without the collie ‘edge’. Despite his poor vision he loves going for walks and thinks there is nothing better than swimming! He has never shown any interest in chasing livestock. He travels well in a vehicle. He is non-dominant and gets along with male and female dogs.
Indoors he tends to find his own space and stay there unless there is a game to play with another dog OR it is his mealtime…
He enjoys being cuddled and groomed by people he knows. He is fully house-trained and has been left in the house with another dog with no isssues at all. He enjoys the company of other dogs but no longer relies on them for guidance/support. He is not a dog for a busy family with young children as high pitched sounds and quick movements terrify him. He will make someone a perfect companion.

We are fortunate that without undue stress, Champi has been able to return to the familiar environment of his initial foster family for reassessment and to await his specialist appointment but we are confident that we will soon be looking for a calm forever home with a canine companion where Champi can continue to blossom. He has already come so far ….

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CHAMPI is in foster in Department 09, Ariège.