CHANCE – Little Miss Sunshine

All about CHANCE – Little Miss Sunshine

Chip no: 250269591546886
DATE OF BIRTH: 01 January 2016
M/F? F
VACCINATED: Yes including rabies and passport
STERILISED: Likely mid-March post season
OK Dogs: Yes
OK Cats: Yes
Weight: 17kg currently

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Please meet this super girlie called CHANCE.

CHANCE has come a long way since the first very positive report.  As many fosterlings do, she dipped in her progress and showed that she had indeed been physically hurt many times and she shunned being picked up out of sheer fear.  She also clearly had never known where the next meal was coming from as she was an expert counter surfer.  All this has been worked on with her fosterer and she has now come out the other end with this description from her fosterer:

We are delighted that CHANCE has this report and can now say that she is indeed pretty-much adopt-ready – the exception being her need to be sterilised which cannot be done until mid-March 2024 earliest, but she could go to her forever home with this proviso on a Foster with View to Adoption basis.  A lovely, mature girlie she is looking for the right kind of home – a busy one where she can be someone’s companion as they go through their daily chores both inside and outside the home; share long walks with swimming opportunity if possible; and a general loving, stable environment.


It seems strange to describe this lovely girl as lucky when, in life up to now, she has known little but mood swings resulting in unpredictable good and awful treatment from an owner whose mental problems had already caused him to harm his cats.  Fortunately, the situation was reported, Chance was removed from danger and is now safely in foster under the wing of Les Amis.  This was her first foster report:

Despite our expecting a very scared dog, so far in foster she has been a little star – good in the car, great recall, good on the lead, plays well with the resident dog and is very affectionate.  We very very rarely get such positives in less than 36 hours in foster so we anticipate that it will not be very long before Little Miss CHANCE will be adopt-ready.  Even her first visit to the vet went without a hitch and she was described as “good as gold”.  She is booked for sterilisation in a couple of weeks.  In the meantime she’ll continue to experience a comfortable home life, with lots of interesting walks and – judging from her apparent love of water – a few more dips in the river.

As far as her breed type goes, her iCAD describes her as a ‘Berger’ and her tail would say there’s maybe some spitz in there.  She is the size of a small short-haired collie, weighing in around 17 kg.

If this mid-aged beauty has captured your heart and you would like to offer her the forever home she deserves, you can apply by clicking on the enquiry tab on this page, or, if you are already known to us you can drop us an email to

Currently in foster in Department 64 (Pyrénées Atlantiques), CHANCE will be re-homed where there is a good match regardless of location.