CHARLIE – What a boy!!

All about CHARLIE – What a boy!!

Chip no: 250269591268214
M/F? M
Date of Birth: 01/01/2020
Breed type: Double Merle Collie
Neutered? Yes

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UPDATE ON CHARLIE – He has made such incredible progress that we believe that he is good to go!

This is the message we have had from his fosterers :

Just a wee update on this super (still a bit barky but getting much better) boy!  I think he had a ball at Julie’s pension. Made friends with all the dogs. A Patou cross took a particular shine to him and they seemed to hang out together a lot. He greeted us like long lost friends and happily jumped in the boot of the car when we picked them up.

Since being home he has settled back into our haphazard life. Still loves his walks. Still great off lead. At a new junction we just wait for him if he is ahead and he comes back after 2/3 mins when he realises we’re not with him . On the way home or when we are somewhere new he just lies down and waits when he is ahead. Today we went out into the mountains and he stayed fairly close most of the time and is never far from Storm. We put our 2 on leads about 500m from the car and he would not come back . So we walked on and about 200 m from the car he lay down and had his lead clipped on!

He is so super intelligent, so friendly with everyone he meets, great in cafes, really calm. Loves the boot of the car.  He is much more settled at night. After a first night back of pacing he is now in a routine of barking to go out around 6/7 am but then will come back to bed and settle with a bit of persuasion/bribery.

He really is an amazingly lovely dog You know his deafness really isn’t an issue as he works it out and does what is needed


CHARLIE had spent at least a month at large in a local community where no-one knew him, claimed him, wanted anything to do with him – except two families of Good Samaritans.  Gradually they won his confidence and he was brought into safety under our wing.

It is pretty clear that CHARLIE is a “double merle” – that usually leads to limitations of hearing and sight and CHARLIE has not escaped this disability.  He has both slight hearing and sight impairment but as you will have read from his fosterer’s comments above, it does not bother him in the slightest and he knows how to live life to the full.

CHARLIE is a bundle of joy, loving life and especially other canines in his life when it is play time; and humans in his life when it is cuddle time . . . and indeed everyone when it is walking and exploring time which he relishes.

CHARLIE will thrive in an active home, with other dogs to play with.  Border collie experienced would be an advantage too but not a necessity.  If you feel you could give CHARLIE the home he deserves and he could bring fun and joie de vivre to your life, then please complete the online application form from this page.  If you are already known to us, please drop us a line at

He is currently in foster in Department 09 (Ariège).