Chip No: 250269100215004
Date of Birth: 13 March 2020
Breed Type: Berger
Vaccinated: Yes, rabies and passport
Sterilised: Booked for April.

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Despite her unfortunate start, CHIARA has shown herself to be a really fast learner, completely attached to her humans and an adorable dog in the home.  Her loving nature to her humans knows no bounds and she is so eager to please.

Socialisation outside has been the main focus to address her reactivity and through desensitisation and counter-conditioning, she has come on by leaps and bounds.

CHIARA is now happily walking on a lead, even alongside another dog she knows.  Her most favourite toy is a ball – she will run a very long distance and return it . . . over and over again.  Walk with it in your pocket and her focus is fixed!  She is no longer reactive to cars, joggers, motor-cyclists, cyclists.  Dogs – especially when running loose – do still cause her angst but she is a good listener – and loves treats . . . and her ball!!

Despite her terrible start in life, she is a gem that with continued work and enthusiasm will continue to shine even more brightly.

She is now sterilised and recovering.  She behaved impeccably at the vets.

Her story:

CHIARA came onto our radar via a message telling us that she was crated or tied to a kitchen table virtually 24 hours a day in an apartment.   In other words a random puppy just given away to a totally unsuitable situation.

We soon discovered that CHIARA is indeed very good towards humans but had no social graces whatsoever when it came to other dogs.  Never met them, never interacted with them, no idea how to be.  Furthermore, the lead was an unknown accessory and walks an unknown experience.

And so CHIARA has been in foster – firstly in a pension environment, and then in a family home, where some of those rather rough edges have been polished off her.  She is being shown what is expected of her as a companion dog.  She is learning to listen, and perhaps most important of all, how to play.

If you think you could love CHIARA and, most importantly, give her what she needs to continue her journey, you can:

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CHIARA is currently fostered in Dept 64, Pyrénées Atlantiques.