CHUCKLE : A Dog to make you smile

All about CHUCKLE : A Dog to make you smile

CHIP NO: 250268743232283
DATE OF BIRTH: 29 October 2021
BREED TYPE: Jack Russel (fox terrier??)
VACCINATED: YES with Passport
OK POULTRY: Yes when penned, not tested free range

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CHUCKLE finds himself back looking for a home through no fault of his own and he is still not yet a year old.  We sincerely hope that his luck is going to change and he can fall into the sort of loving home that he needs and deserves.

CHUCKLE, as we understand it, started off life as a happy and much loved puppy.  Then his owner fell on hard times and lost everything  which is when we were asked to help.  He went into foster and then was almost immediately adopted to live with another dog in a family that travelled a great deal in their motorhome.  A perfect life it seemed, but fate struck a blow again and through the sudden illness of the man in the family CHUCKLE came back to us and he is now back in foster.

It is true to say that all the changes have affected him – not surprisingly – and so his fosterer has been working hard to restore his joie de vivre which now is now starting to shine through again.  He loves to be cuddled, and have tummy tickles.  We would therefore for his benefit like to find him his forever home just as soon as we can – but it has to be the right home.

Currently CHUCKLE is in foster with at least one other dog.  He has lived in his previous foster with 5 other dogs and two cats without any issues whatsoever.  We would therefore ideally be looking for a home with another dog, possibly a mature dog, that is young enough to play but which also is old enough to continue to provide him with canine support in the home and from whom he can continue to learn.  It is also important that his new home has a family who are understanding that he is probably a little behind in his development towards adulthood.  Thus people who have an interest in the training and development of a young dog into a great member of society would be a huge plus for him.

If this is the delightful sort of guy you would like to have in your life, one full of potential as he grows and matures, then please get in touch with us.  You can complete the online application form on this page, or, if you are already known to us, please drop us a line at

CHUCKLE is currently in foster in Department 86 (Vienne) but finding the right home is far more important than the geographic location.