COLINE – just wants to be loved and is! RESERVED!

All about COLINE – just wants to be loved and is! RESERVED!

Chip no: 250269100123060
DOB: 01/03/2015
M/F: Female
Breed: Border collie x
Vaccinated: Yes including passport
Sterilised: Yes
OK Dogs: Yes
OK Cats: to be confirmed
OK Children: No reason at all to doubt with respectful children

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UPDATE:  Coline’s foster Mum just can’t let her go – she’s staying put and we are delighted!

COLINE – what she lacks in looks, she has in abundance in love and kindness.  See her from the inside out and you see beauty rather than “ordinariness”.  See her eyes, no longer blank, but full of expression, excitement, anticipation . . . just pure joy.  See her loyalty, her desire to please and wonder why on earth was she dumped?  That is COLINE.

Just 6 years old and now weighing 18.5 kg, Coline is said to be a border collie cross. Her coat is short and wiry. From the start her recall was excellent and her on-lead walking has improved dramatically.  All in all Coline is pretty easy maintenance!  Even her desire to jump up has lessened and she understands she gets far more petting if she is sitting and waiting!  She behaves impeccably at the vets, is of course clean in the house and enjoys canine company both in the home and out on walks.  She appears to be not overly interested in cats, but time will tell and we will report back when she meets one face to face.

Since being in foster she has been introduced to lots of new things including busy market day, restaurant terraces, and water!  Amazingly she took it all in her stride and especially loved the freedom of running in puddles just like a kid!

Coline’s Story – what we know, what we might surmise.

You could be forgiven for thinking ‘I have heard this story before’. Like so many dogs in our care, Coline appears to have been unceremoniously dumped at the refuge, we believe after bearing a litter of pups. Sweet-natured but unhappy she was recently taken into foster with us and after just a few days showed that, despite whatever her past experiences may have been, she held no fear of or aggression to strangers and was simply desperate to attach to her human family. She quickly became her foster mum’s little shadow, following her indoors and outdoors wherever she goes. Even off-lead she has no desire to stray far away and her recall is excellent.  She also became “bestie” to the resident dog, Poppy.

Perhaps a clue to a history of being kept confined in a yard or barn,  at first she flatly refused to ‘perform’ on grass and would only do so on bare concrete. Her foster mum has gently encouraged her to overcome this and now ‘performance’ is normal.  She also has other fears still being worked on, the main being left alone (separation anxiety), and a real fear of  a crate.  Now if she thinks foster Mum has “just gone to the loo” she does not think she is alone and is fine!  She just does not like to see people leave.  For the crate – which was meant to be a haven for her – she will eat in it, and retrieve a toy from it, but it is probably best to avoid if possible, her fear of being closed in continues to be very real.

So we are looking for a family that is looking for a genuine lovely soul.  COLINE would enjoy family life and the company of a canine companion; she would be equally happy to be the constant companion of a retired person or a person who works from home.

If you think you could love COLINE and, most importantly, give her the company and training she needs to continue her journey, you can:

  • click on the enquiry button if you are on the web page,
  • send a message from our Foster/Adoptions page
  • or write to

COLINE is currently fostered in Dept 34, Herault and is available for adoption to any approved family who can give her the life she deserves.