COOKIE – Cute, clever and incredibly brave

All about COOKIE – Cute, clever and incredibly brave

CHIP NO: 250269101071057
DATE OF BIRTH: 15 January 2022
VACCINATED: YES including rabies and passport
WEIGHT: around 12 kg
OK CATS: Not tested

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Please meet COOKIE – found hungry, with a limp, unclaimed despite all searches – she came into foster with us proving herself to be a delight.

Her limp persisted, so during her sterilisation operation we asked for Xrays to be taken believing it to be the results of an old injury – perhaps she had been knocked down by a car at some point.  We – and indeed the vet too –  were shocked at what we discovered – she has been suffering with a broken hip!  In the vet’s view she should not even have been able to stand, let alone walk and run!  Her bravery and pain tolerance have just blown us away.

COOKIE – who is the dearest soul – friendly, affectionate, adorable, loves her humans and cuddles.  She’s a fast learner too.

COOKIE has now been through her rest period and has healed beautifully.  She is still under veterinary monitor but all signs are looking good and so we think we can start looking for her forever home.

The better that COOKIE is feeling, the more her personality is starting to come out.  This is what her foster Mum says:

She is bright, playful, loving and just absolutely adorable. I can’t imagine the pain she’s been in and despite it all the only being to have seen her teeth was Mango [the dog] to whom she showed them as a warning her first week here. Now they can’t stop playing with each other. She loves and trusts people.   I think she prefers women but that may be because she’s been primarily looked after by women.

This video shows her enthusiasm for learning!

COOKIE has amazed and puzzled us all – how can a beautiful soul just have been lost, hurt and not searched for at all?  Now she has every chance of having a delightful life and bringing much joy to a family.
If you would like to offer COOKIE a home, please complete the online application form by clicking the link on this page.  If you are already known to us, please drop us a line at
COOKIE is in foster in Department 32 (Gers).