CHIP NO: 250268200000548
DATE OF BIRTH: 1 June 2019
BREED TYPE: Jack Russell Terrier
STERILISED: To be done

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UPDATE: Sadly Cookie’s would-be family have had difficulties and can no longer taking him despite having been reserved for some time.  He is now back for adoption and well recovered from his operation on his leg.  Yet again he is faced with having to move urgently.

UPDATE:  Cookie’s Fairy Godmother appeared today!  He will be operated on 26 December, and go his post-op rehabilitation foster home hopefully on 27 December.  Updates will follow.

Please meet COOKIE

We are urgently – very urgently – looking for a foster home in the first instance for this little chap.  Without a foster home, it is impossible for him to have the surgery he needs to hopefully help to rectify an ancient and unattended injury to his left rear leg which leaves him unable to put it on the ground other than occasionally and he certainly does not weight-bear on it.  Orthpaedic surgeons have seen the X-rays and absolutely against our expectations they have said they can help him by doing a femoral head excision.   We have had many dogs undergo this operation and the greatest need by far is good post-operative care which essentially means crate rest and therefore things to keep him amused (for which we can give guidance).

He needs to get out of the refuge environment, we need to be able to fix a date for his operation and in order to do that we URGENTLY need the offer of a foster home – ideally but not essentially within say a couple of hours of Toulouse as the orthopaedic surgeons are just to the south of that City.

We know relatively little about this boy over and above his need for surgery, so it will be a journey of discovery.  However, those of us who have seen him in the refuge environment saw a quiet, friendly little chap – not over excited at all, not yappy at all , but calmly pleading for love and attention from behind the bars.

If you are able to help this boy through surgery and rehabilitation – whether foster or foster with view to adoption – we would very much like to hear from you.  You can apply by completing the form linked on this page or, if you are already known to us, please drop us a line at