Chip no: 250268501579241
Date of birth: 24/08/2018
M/F?: M
Breed: Border Collie
Castrated: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes, including rabies and passport
OK Dogs: Yes
OK Cats: Yes
OK Children: Yes

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It was with tears in her eyes that Cookie’s mistress signed her much loved boy over to Les Amis. Her life situation meant that she simply couldn’t care for him any longer.  We knew she had put a lot into him already from a training point of view, but locked up alone in a house for hours on end was now not a life for him.  We agreed better for him to come into foster to decompress, to bring his vaccinations and passport up to date, to be sterilised, and give us time to assess this boy so that we could ensure best possible new home for him.

COOKIE has settled quickly into foster and is getting along well with his foster mum’s two resident dogs. He is showing himself to be a very sweet, smart and obedient boy, with manners to match.

Here is what his foster mum has to tell you so far:

“So far I have spotted nothing in his behaviour to flag as a problem. He pulls a bit on the lead when walked but understands well that it is not preferred. With a further bit of training he will be great.

He is very smart and learns quickly. He is energetic, playful and very affectionate. A perfect lapdog if allowed on the furniture (we don’t allow it but allow cuddles and he loves it). He would benefit from a secure garden. We are having work done at our house at the moment and have a temporary gate up. He found a way to get out and go and explore . . . but he came straight back when called.  He gets on very well with my other dogs and hasn’t shown any aggression at all. “

It is clear that this young dog is going to provide a family with a loving companion.  He will need to exercise his brain as well as his body and so anyone interested in continuing with his ongoing training, be that formally or in a home environment, will give him the joy in life that he needs.  In his first home he was among cats and young children with no issues at all.  In fact he could make an excellent first dog for an active family.

COOKIE is currently fostered in Department 31 (Haute Garonne) and is available for adoption anywhere in France or farther afield, subject to home approval process.  If you would like to know more about this well-mannered and gentle young dog, and have the opportunity to meet him either virtually or in reality, you can:

  • click on the enquiry button if you are on the web page,
  • send a message from our Foster/Adoptions page
  • or write to