Chip no: 250268723098342
Date of Birth: 03/10/2018
M/F: F
Breed: Wire-haired dachshund cross
Vaccinated: to be done
Sterilised: to be done
OK Dogs: Yes
OK Children/Cats/Poultry/Livestock - all still to be tested

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Found wandering on a road and taken to the refuge, this sweet little girl was not microchipped and remained unclaimed. She is now safe in foster with Les Amis.

From the moment she arrived DIXIE has proved herself to be a happy little soul, just happy to participate in the day to day activities of the family, including getting on really well with the resident dogs.

She has had a full pampering and looks now very different to the unkempt, dirty and matted dog that she was when found.  Dixie still needs to gain some weight (current weight estimated around 3 kgs) and that is gradually happening.

She appears to have a problem with her rear legs which will be investigated ASAP.  Well we now know there is nothing wrong with her legs in that it is how she was born and has never known any different.  There is no pain, no discomfort and it certainly does not stop her.

UPDATE:  Sometimes people apply to adopt and that that particular time we do not have what would work for them.  But as soon as we do we can contact them to see.  Such is the case for DIXIE – she will be moving on very soon.