DIXIE – Adopted!

All about DIXIE – Adopted!

CHIP NO: 250269610715118
M/F: F
DATE OF BIRTH: 1 January 2019
VACCINATED: Underway including Rabies and passport
STERILISED: To be arranged appropriately post season
OK CATS: Unknown
OK CHILDREN: See video

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Meet DIXIE – a small ball of confident fun!

DIXIE was brought to our notice as an urgent re-home situation – she was neither chipped, vaccinated, sterilised – or indeed anything really . . . yet she had been with the person who had found her for a year or more.  Then she was passed on to someone who was just letting her wander . . . and so a plea for help via one of our link people locally.

How things can change so quickly !

Thanks to her experienced foster Mum things have changed quite dramatically in a short period of time.  She was very uncomfortable in other dogs’ company at first, but with the right handling and experiences she has now discovered that having a few “copains” to play with, life is truly fun . . . especially when you are small, fast and can run round and underneath much bigger dogs!!!

DIXIE has however shown herself to be kind-hearted, accepting and a very quick learner.   She’s good with humans and certainly knows how to play “chase the ball”:

DIXIE has presented no problems at all on her vet visits being calm and easy to handle.  She seems to travel well in a car though it has to be said that this has not been fully tested since she’s only done very short journeys!

Because DIXIE arrived in foster in season (fortunately only early days so all is well in that respect), she will not be able to be sterilised for a couple of months.  It is for this reason that we would want a home on a Foster with View to Adoption basis and then she will be fully ready to be adopted.

If you are looking for a confident, joyful “small” to add into your life, DIXIE could well fill the bill.  She’s still young (estimated born at the start of 2019) and so has lots of potential still to be found!  To record your interest, you can complete our online application form (link on this page), or if you are already known to us, drop us a line at enquiries@lesamisdesanimaux.com.

DIXIE is currently in foster in Department 32 (Gers) but as always we are looking for the right home for her without limits on location.