DRACO – a happy little chappie – now RESERVED

All about DRACO – a happy little chappie – now RESERVED

CHIP NO: 250268732084943
DATE OF BIRTH: 28 November 2017
BREED: Chihuahua
VACCINATED: See profile
STERILISED: See profile

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DRACO is an unusual chocolate, long-coated chihuahua.  He has come on dramatically well since he moved into his foster home.  Life has changed for him beyond compare and he’s had to learn tons of new things.

Once DRACO feels comfortable to trust you (he is a little tentative at first), he is a happy, playful little chap.  This is what his foster Mum says about him:

DRACO loves cuddles and is very communicative in his funny little way. He uses little growls and squeaks.  If he wants something he will stare at it, glancing at me to get it.  I do ignore him if he barks to get my attention as that was a previously learned behaviour and not to be encouraged – the one exception being 0730 when he tells me it is time to get up!

He has shown no aggression whatsoever and has only reacted when the vet stuck a needle in him! He did not react to physical examination even though he was scared.  He loves to play with his favourite toys – one in particular as this charming little clip shows! – and loves to chase and fetch REPEATEDLY!!! (He would carry on for hours if I let him)

He gets on well with Grina, my own dog, and has shown no reactivity with other dogs when we have been walking. He walks well on long or short leads. He has shown no aggression toward the chickens. I cannot vouch for cats, but we know he lived happily with one in his previous home.

Considering he had not been in a car since 2019, he travels really well  in his case as long as the top is open, curled up quietly.  He is very happy in his crate overnight and it is place of choice.

DRACO went into foster not having been house-trained – he wore nappies.  However in the short time he has been there he has learned that outside is where he has to “go” and there are now only the very occasional marking “accidents”.  These should also radically reduce now that he is sterilised, from which he recovering very well.

DRACO is currently in foster in Department 81 (Tarn) and is very soon ready for adoption.  Indeed he could go to an experienced home straightaway where people are ready and prepared to invest the time he needs to continue his introduction to a whole new way of life.  In return he’ll make you smile every single day!

If you feel you could offer DRACO a wonderful home, then please complete the online form on this page.  If you are already known to us, then please drop us a line at info@lesamisdesanimaux.com.