CHIP NUMBER: 250269610200521
DATE OF BIRTH: 28 May 2021
BREED TYPE: English Setter (Lemon)
VACCINATED: Yes - to be completed
STERILISED: to be carried out in foster
OK CATS: Not yet tested
OK CHILDREN: Not yet tested

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UPDATE:  Duchesse is moving into a foster situation very soon when we will then give a new profile for her as she changes and develops.

Meet DUCHESSE, a lemon English Setter.

At the moment her name of DUCHESSE rather belies the reality.  She is an beautiful young English Setter abandoned by travellers . . . presumably because there would be more along the route.  But she is without education, without that gentility that comes from the confidence of knowing  . . .

DUCHESSE therefore has not had the benefit of any early training and is looking for a foster home who can offer her a level of stability but at the same time the huge and beneficial opportunity to learn what life living with humans is all about.

As with this beautiful breed she has a glorious temperament, is totally fun-loving and is in dire need of having those natural instincts cleverly channelled into a life that she would love.

DUCHESSE already has the chance of a home later in the year, but it will depend entirely on a good foster home being able to give her the basics, the foundation of learning, that has eluded her so far.

IF you love this breed,

IF you feel you could help her get to a level of basic training in a short space of time

IF  you can help her step into that potential home that is currently on offer

Then please get in touch with us immediately either via the application form link on this page or, if you are known to us, then by writing to info@lesamisdesanimaux.com.

DUCHESSE is currently stuck in a refuge in 65 where her chances of improving are pretty much zero as they are over-full.  She needs out and she needs out as soon as we can.

If you can help her, we would absolutely love to hear from you.