CHIP NO: 900111881308937
DATE OF BIRTH: 25 February 2019
BREED TYPE: Beauceron X
VACCINATED: Yes with Passport
WEIGHT: 23 kg
OK CATS: OK on limited experience


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DYLAN, like so many, has had a twisty road to get into our care.  He originated in Greece, came to France, found himself with an owner in unfortunate circumstances and is now with us and looking for his forever loving home.  He is currently in foster and is proving to be a very responsive and rapid learner.

DYLAN’s character is gradually emerging as he adapts to new surroundings and experiences .  He has an excellent temperament and from word go he has shown himself to be very friendly with both dogs and people, thus making him eminently adoptable.  His behaviour belies his 3 years – he’s more like an 18 month old – loves to play and absolutely full of joy.

DYLAN is very food orientated which does make training easier.  His initial desire to counter-surf is radically reduced, and is now waiting for his dish to touch the ground!

DYLAN is clean in the house and well behaved when left.  A real plus that there appears to be no separation anxiety.  He is happy to sleep alone at night.

There is undoubtedly still more of his potential to be seen, and a good family will bring that out.  Learning to play games with people is something that is new to him.  Outings in the car are excitement-filled – and so learning to settle and harness his impulse control is a work in progress.  He is happy to play with his toys, and has just discovered the wonders of a kong!!!  He would benefit from having a probably older canine companion to learn from as well.

His photos belie his size.  He is only 23 kg so very much medium size.  He is a strong lad needing a kind but firm handler.  As his lead work continues to improve, together with his ability to listen, this is not presenting an issue.  He is happy to spend evenings resting after a good play time – so a pretty calm boy too.  This quote from his fosterer sums up what makes Dylan happy:

Dylan has had a lovely day today, chasing the Kong, visiting my friend and meeting a new doggie friend, Vad, a very large ex Hunt Hound (previously rescued). Dylan is now fast asleep on his bed in front of the TV

In summary, DYLAN is a lovely dog with no real issues, with the makings of a great family dog.  So we are looking for a family who are fairly active – even if just long walking  as he is not a demanding dog – and who want a boy who is an integral part of their family.

If DYLAN would fill a hole in your family, please complete our online application by clicking the link on this page.  If you are already known to us, please drop us a line at info@lesamisdesanimaux. com.

DYLAN is currently in Department 86 (Vienne) but as always the right home for him is more important than location.

Photos Thanks to Danny Kaye