ELSIE : Tickles, Affection and Action

All about ELSIE : Tickles, Affection and Action

CHIP NO: 250269300173314
DATE OF BIRTH: 1 April 2018
BREED TYPE: Siberian Husky
VACCINATIONS: Vaccinated with passport
OK CATS: Not recommended
OK CHILDREN: Lovely temperament, no reason to doubt for respectful children

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Hi I’m Elsie and I’m beautiful. 

They say I’m a “Husky Cross”  with silky soft fur (perfect for tickling around my head and ears) and I have  very expressive brown eyes.

I found myself abandoned to a refuge just a few days before I was due to give birth.  Thankfully I was taken to a lovely home where my 7 puppies were born and where I was able to do everything a Mum does with her babies until they were weaned and nearly ready to go to their new homes.

I was moved to my current foster home for rest and recuperation which I needed!   When I first arrived I would sleep on the floor but soon discovered dog beds, bean bags, and a special sofa just for me and my new Husky friends. What luxuries! I love to stretch out on my back so much there is often only space for me. I love to have my tummy tickled when I’m in this position, but if not I’ll happily roll over at other times (or half roll with my bum in the air!). I’ll also roll over onto my back to tell you I don’t want to move, but after lots of tickles I’ll come round to the idea of going where you want me to go.

I’m very calm and clean in the house.  In the garden I’ll run around crazily to expend my energy. However, I now know my new name and will come when called, especially if there is a tasty meaty treat!  I’m very polite and will sit and look longingly into your eyes before being fed and I just love the frozen burger we get for “afters”.  I do try and hang around when my humans are eating and try to charm my way into tasty morsels. It doesn’t seem to be working very well.
My favourite pastimes are going for walks in the forest and being outside in the garden, running around or watching the neighbour’s cats if they are around. A few times I have followed my instinct and escaped and chased them up trees. The neighbours are not happy and it has been my downfall.  Even though I’ve not done any damage and just want to play at chase, I have to find somewhere else as my forever home.
I’ve been living very happily with 2 other Huskies and I now know not to barge them out of the way for food. If I sit and wait nicely I get to eat any leftovers once they’ve walked away from their bowls, but they seem to enjoy their food as much as I do!
Please understand that I’m still “in training” as I’m afraid my education was somewhat lacking before I was found . . . Now, I’m used to using a Ruffwear walking harness for day to day activities and I’m learning to walk calmly.   (I have to admit to occasionally squealing with excitement and pulling madly if I see a cat wandering about, but I’m learning to sit and calm down when this happens.)
I’ve also recently had the pleasure of using a Bjorkis traction harness (the type my Husky friends used when working on a husky farm) to go running and for walks on trails and in the mountains in the snow. It makes me feel like a real sled dog and I love to pull my human along. I have encountered many dogs on my walks and love to say hello. I’m not aggressive but might get a bit excited if on a lead.
Please understand I do my very best to be good for my humans . . .  sometimes in the forest there are just too many exciting smells that I have to go and explore. But when I’m ready I happily come back. My human attaches a funny thing to my collar (a Tractive GPS tracker) just incase I decide to chase hares and get distracted by time. I think this is wise; I’m a husky!
But don’t let any of this put you off as I am the most gentle lovable affectionate dog, love my humans, love other dogs and will make a very loyal companion.