Chip no: 250268501771139
Date of Birth: 01/01/2017
Breed: Petit Bleu de Gascogne
Vaccinated: Yes with passport
Sterilised: Yes
OK Dogs: Yes
OK Cats: Not tested
OK Children: Yes


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ELLIE’s story is a sad one. She was found in a bad state and heavily in whelp at the end of November 2019.  She stayed in foster with her finder and on 3 December 2019 produced her beautiful babies.  She coped admirably with bringing them up even though she was not in a good state herself.  Being a Mum worked perfectly for her as she had to attend to her maternal duties and this did not involve very much getting used to the world of humans and living with them.

Once her maternal duties were over, she went into foster with view to adoption.  This was to give her time to learn, overcome her shyness and to await a suitable time for her to be sterilised.  ELLIE spent several months learning our ways for they were very strange to her.  How she coped and developed follows.  However, misfortune has struck again, and her now adoptive family have health issues which make dedicating the time she needs very difficult.  We are therefore with very heavy hearts all round, trying to find her a new loving and understanding home.  Meet Ellie . . . .

The beautiful soul that is ELLIE.

ELLIE is desperate to please, always wanting to do the right thing. Her abusive past doesn’t always give her the courage to do the things she wants, you can see in her eyes the internal struggle when she wants to come to you for that caress but fears the hurt of her past. But, she has progressed so much during her time with us and now loves a cuddle on the bed in the morning.  ELLIE still struggles to enter the house when you ask her to, preferring to come in when she’s ready and feels it’s safe. She loves sleeping in her crate at night and runs upstairs to it after her last toilet to her waiting treats inside.

ELLIE adores her off leash walks and likes to stay close, so she knows you are there.  She walks well on the leash with her harness too.  She travels well in the car and happily jumps into it knowing she will be rewarded with a walk and treat.  ELLIE gets on well with the dogs we have met but is definitely better with a dog who will lead her and help give her canine confidence and reassurance.  She does like her ‘possessions’ and tends to take everything from our other, submissive dog, which doesn’t happen with our friends’ more dominant dog.  It is this dog that has allowed us to see what a confident ELLIE looks like. She loves to run and play fetch in the garden.

She is completely clean in the house and will let you know when she needs to go out.  ELLIE loves food which is a great help from the training perspective!

ELLIE is wonderfully loyal and faithful, and with love, patience and the right environment I know she will blossom into the dog she truly wants to be.

ELLIE is now back with her original foster Mum in Dept 19 (Corrèze), and we will help her get to a new forever home wherever that may be.  The right home is far more important than the location.

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