FLECHE (and Minnie now adopted) – ADOPTED!

All about FLECHE (and Minnie now adopted) – ADOPTED!

Fleche: 250269101129560
Minie: 250269101129559
DATE OF BIRTH: 1 April 2020
BREED TYPE: Border Collie
VACCINATED: Yes including with passport
STERILISED: To be done

Enquire about FLECHE (and Minnie now adopted) – ADOPTED!

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Please meet FLECHE who, along with her sister MINNIE now adopted, fondly known as our Wobbly Collies

Miss FLECHE is now looking for her special home too.  Since her sister left she’s done really really well and continues to grow in confidence and ability.  She is incredibly resilient and adaptable – not to mention very loving with a huge desire to please.  If you can look beyond her “wobbles” you will see a beautiful soul, just as deserving as any “normal” dog.

THEIR STORY:   Sadly these girls were left with this condition after their mother contracted one of the serious diseases (either distemper or parvo) when she was pregnant.  She had not been vaccinated and recovered but this was the result.  It is NOT a degenerative condition.  Indeed the better food they get, the more exercise they get, the more they have chance to experience and practice, the better they get.  It does not take away the “wobbles” completely but they are dramatically improved.

Please do not let this have you think that FLECHE needs special treatment in any other way.  She is extremely resourceful (she has always had to manage with this condition), fun-loving, and gaining every day in confidence.  Naturally her energy levels are not as high as one would expect in an unaffected border collie type, so she does not need the amount of exercise that might be expected.  And not for her a life climbing mountains or walking on very rough terrain.

FLECHE would be happy to have another canine in the family and equally be an only dog (with the usual socialisation opportunities of course).  There is not an ounce of aggression in her.  If there’s another dog, then we think it should be a wise, calm and mature dog who will be accepting, not fazed by her involuntary erratic movements when on the move.  A youngster may misread as an invitation to play and that could prove a bit too rough.

We can understand that any prospective permanent family may feel they are “taking a risk” because there is an extant condition.  We would therefore be willing to look at long-term fostering if that were the case with an otherwise perfect family for her.

FLECHE is currently in foster in Department 19 (Corrèze) but far far more important is finding her the right home.  Her sister was collected and taken home to the Auvergne!

If you feel you could offer FLECHE the home, environment and love to help her continue to thrive, then please complete the online form linked on this page or, if you are already known to us, drop us a line to enquiries@lesamisdesanimaux.com.