ALL dogs have to be identified (chipped), vaccinated including rabies, sterilised and appropriately flea, tick and worm treated prior to adoption. Vet fees are taken care of by us when dogs are in foster.


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This is a special profile page to look briefly at those dogs who are sitting waiting to go to a foster home – this could be a

Short term foster home

a foster with view to adoption home

a lifetime foster home for a senior

It depends entirely on the dog and your reasons for wanting to foster.  You may want to help several dogs over time to find their right home; or you may be looking for an oldie as a companion; or simply one of those available has caught your eye.

Where have these dogs come from?

They may have been abandoned to the refuge with which we work closely; we may have had a request directly from the current owner or their next of kin where the owner has died or become incapable; we may have been contacted by one of the veterinary practices with which we work.  Whatever their provenance, we try and help wherever we can.

Why are these dogs needing to be fostered?

  • We need to get to know them so that when the time is right to find their permanent home we are well informed and can make as sure as we can ever do that this truly is their PERMANENT home.
  • We need to get their health and fitness standards as good as they can be before moving on.  In other words we need to know that their vaccinations are up to date, they are sterilised, they have a clean bill of health.  If there is anything amiss we prefer to deal with this while still in foster.

You can read about fostering with LesAmis here on our website.  

You can apply to become a fosterer by completing our online form 

Si vous préférez faire le demande en français voici le lien

This page is updated regularly.  Photos are on the Gallery.


SKY – an 11 year old Gordon Setter X – been with his dad since a puppy and now they have to be separated as he can no longer take care of Sky.   He is now in the refuge waiting a chance of a new home.  He’s OK cats and female dogs.  That’s probably through lack of experience rather than any former contretemps.  Just a super dog looking for a retirement place.


ODDY – not yet one year old so strictly still a puppy and said to be a Lab x Polsky.  Is a frightened boy – probably badly treated – and needs a home that is skilled in bringing him on, gaining in confidence, learning stuff and becoming the great dog he can undoubtedly be.  Vaccinations to be completed and sterilisation to be done.  As there has been no interest at all in this boy we have moved him into a pension environment which is less threatening than that of the refuge to a scared laddie whilst we wait for the right foster home to come up for him.  He’s proving himself to be a lovely boy but yes with a fear of men which is being worked on.

LUOMPO – a 9 year old French Bulldog who needs to be an only dog.  He was not in the best of hands before being taken into the care of the refuge with which we work.  Normally a dog like this would be snapped up, but his difficulties with other four leggeds (he’s magnificent with humans) means he’s just marking time.  So we need to find someone with currently no pets and an interest in seeing if in fact his behaviour could be changed through modern training methods – not to live with but to be more accepting outside – that would shift his chances of adoption phenomenally.

CALINE – a 3 year old beautiful black and tan who sadly finds herself looking for a home because of difficult human circumstances, which results in her not getting the exercise or even the attention she needs.

CALIE – just over a year old Griffon, adopted as a puppy from the refuge, returned a few months later with absolutely no education and then complained about.  She’s a bundle of energy, been allowed to chase cats, but in her favour responsive and good with other dogs and human.  In the right hands she’ll have everything going for her.  As she is, she’s unadoptable and that’s our job to fill the gap.  (photo to follow)

FILOU – is a 3 year old Heinz 57 mix – a long teckel-like body with a lab-type head – fairly short legged and weighing only around 10 kg.  His owner is now in EPHAD and can no longer keep him or care for him.  She has reluctantly given us permission to try and find a new home for him.  We are looking for foster because he’s not had a lot of education and we’d rather know that he’s adopt-ready.  It could of course be foster with view to adoption.

VIC – a young puppy of 4 months – Gordon Setter X – (very unusual for us to have two Gordon Setter X) – who sadly has had no education and needs an understanding home where he can be shown what life is about, where the boundaries are and learn that life can be good.

We also have requests to help two terrier types – always been together the younger one being deaf.  More information will follow.

If you wish to help one of these needy souls, please complete the online application form (link found on this page or on our website – information about fostering) including link to French version.  If you are already known to us, please drop us a line to

We shall be delighted to hear from you!

Dogs are located in different places and this is of minor importance for fostering.  A loving family is far more important than location.