GAIA – In Trial Adoption

All about GAIA – In Trial Adoption

CHIP NO: 250268780957367
DATE OF BIRTH: 1 January 2016
VACCINATED: All in hand
STERILISED: Waiting for opportune time

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UPDATE:  GAIA has gone to what we hope will be her forever home to recover from her maternal duties.  We are so delighted for this gentle girlie.

Please meet GAIA – just a gorgeous all-round girlie who turned 8 on 1 January 2024 (clearly a vet guestimate) and  now deserves time for herself.  This is what her foster Mum says:

So when gorgeous Mum (Gaia) arrived very heavily pregnant and no longer loved or wanted by her family, she was –  and remains  – very gentle with an intelligent mind and wonderfully playful character.
She is so trusting that 1 week later 6 bundles were born and she did not hesitate to let me help and have immediate contact with all her babies.
5 weeks later…
The pups are smart, loving, lovable, funny, strong, healthy and busy, busy,busy!  Exactly as you’d expect a litter to be!  (See more details here  )
At 7 years old, GAIA is looking for a new loving home too, so let’s not neglect this lovely, soft, cuddly girl.
Gaia has excellent recall, walks well on leash, LOVES going for trips in the car, obeys all standard commands in French such as “au lit, coucher, tu reste, vien, allez, attend, mange,” etc.  AND she could easily become bilingual!!
Knows when’s she’s in trouble like sneaking onto the couch or sniffing at the kitchen counter!
She eats very well, tidily and with good manners.
She is gentle with our dogs but a good integration is essential.  She prefers to be introduced off lead wherever possible.  She was however at the time of introductions heavily pregnant so things could well have changed.
She is great with my cat.. She ignores her in fact.
She is perfectly house trained, does not bark unnecessarily, figured out the dog flap in less than 24hrs!
Happy to have her claws clipped, excellent at the vet, Loves to be brushed and all in all, loves to be pampered.
The one and only thing preventing our saying GAIA is adopt-ready is that she cannot yet be sterilised and so we are looking for either a foster home or a foster-with-view-to-adoption home so that she can start her recovery from being a marvellous Mum.
If GAIA has touched your heart and you feel you could give this cuddle-bug that first vital leg up in life, then please complete the online form linked on this page, or, if you are already known to us, drop us a line at
GAIA is currently in foster in Department 81 (Tarn).  We endeavour to make distance no hurdle to placement in a home that best matches her needs now and in the future.