Chip No: 250269802601843
BREED: Cross
DOB: 1 April 2014
SIZE : 25 kg

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UPDATE:  I’ve changed foster homes because my Foster Mum 1 had to move back to her native Holland. and my Foster Mum 2 says I am just “amazing”.  The very first day I had to learn how to negotiate steps as I’d never ever met them before.  Now I just scamper up and down them as easy as can be.  I’m still learning a lot.  I’ve been a very brave girl too as I had to have a lump removed from my side.  I’m not sure what it means but Mum 2 says it’s gone to the lab and she hopes it’s good news.  So I do too.

I’ve just changed my profile photo too – don’t you think I’m looking younger?!


Hello, I’m GINA. How to describe myself? I guess I’m a bit of a mutt. Even the vet could not decide what “breed type” I was – and he must have thought I was a bit of a joke giving me a birth date of 1 April!!! Certainly my ears make people laugh with one up and one down!

Anyhow I’m a very good mutt and my foster Mum says I’m a “Good Girl” of Rescue breed – and that’s a very good breed to be. So I am very happy with that.

Of course no-one knows anything about my past – and being a dog I can’t tell it. But I try and show people by barking that I’m a bit scared of men until they show me they are going to be kind. I’m learning that if I’m told it’s OK then I have to trust that I’m not going to get hurt and so I stop barking. I wasn’t at all sure about small people either at first as I’d never met any before, but I soon learned that if they were kind to me they could be really good fun!

So, what have I learned since I was dumped at the refuge because no-one wanted me any more, and I was taken into foster?

I found living in a home a bit strange at first as I was totally used to being outdoors. Now I love it – and especially if I can do a bit of sofa-surfing! I like having canine friends too and I am happy to play and share my space with others. I have my own basket where I am now – and if I’m left alone for any reason, I just snuggle down and wait. I’ve been told that some dogs make a fuss at being left, but I don’t. No chewing, barking or scratching – not worth the effort!

Outside I love travelling in the car, I love going for walks (even offlead for I’m a bit of a Velcro dog) and I love playing – any sort of toy will do but I do like a ball.

My foster mum has taken me to all sorts of different places and I’ve liked meeting other people. She says I’m sweet and affectionate – if that means I like people stroking me – she’s right! In fact I like being a good friend to my human and would be very happy keeping a lonely person company, just as I would to be adopted into a busy family.

Now as to my one BIG downfall . . . . I’m a bit of a gourmand and cannot resist food. I love being in the kitchen when my foster Mum is cooking . . . you just never know when something is going to fall! I’m also a bit of an opportunist – I think it’s called counter surfing. So sofa surfing is OK, but counter surfing is not? !!! I’m trying to learn but that is, shall we say, a work in progress.

GINA is currently fostered in Department 81 (Tarn) but is available for adoption anywhere in France subject to a successful home check. If you would like to know more about GINA, have the opportunity to meet her either virtually or in reality, you can:

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