GIPSY – A Senior who would love to wander with you

All about GIPSY – A Senior who would love to wander with you

Chip no: 250269604370930
M/F? M
Date of birth: 28/08/2011
Sterilised: a job to be done
Vaccinated: yes - probably no passport yet
Weight: approx 19kgs
OK other dogs: YES
OK cats: Best avoided.

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MEET GIPSY (whose name we all have difficulty remembering!) – sometimes it’s PEPSI and others its BAILEY.   Whatever it is, this lad is in need of finding a home.

After what we imagine would have been a quiet and secure life with his elderly ma and pa, 11 year old GIPSY is confused to suddenly find himself in a busy and noisy refuge.  He is coping well, but would be far better in a home of his own.

It seems that he has been well-cared for – even his vaccinations are up to date which is very unusual,  so probably well loved, but his owners had obviously made no provision for him when they moved to an apartment and found themselves no longer able to take him out.

GIPSY has now been in the refuge for a few weeks and several things are clear:

  • He is in good health for his age and likes nothing better than a walk (and probably a comfy basket, strokes and cuddles
  • He is still fairly active and can move at a brisk pace.
  • He is unfazed by traffic
  • He is fine with other dogs – both male and female
  • Cats he does not quite understand – so probably best left out of the equation!

Please use the enquiry tab here if you may be able to offer this handsome gent a space in your heart and home or, if you are already known to us, please email

GIPSY is in a refuge in Dept 65 (Hautes Pyrénées) and he can go anywhere to an approved home.