GRACIE – a tiny sweetheart

All about GRACIE – a tiny sweetheart

Chip No: 250268732724994
Date of Birth: Estimated 01/07/2010
Breed type: "Ratier"
Weight: 8 kg

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Sometimes being little and sweet-natured is not such a good thing! This poor little girl has obviously been used for breeding litter after litter of pups, until mammary tumours became too bad for her to continue and she was unceremoniously dumped  on the side of the road.  Such was her loyalty, that she just hung around on the spot, waiting for them to come back . . . which they never did.  Fortunately noticed late evening by someone who works closely with us, she very happily got into her rescuer’s car.  A quick look told the story of why she would have been dumped:  aged around 10 and her tumours almost touched the ground (yes, really, we do not exaggerate).

Now at last GRACIE is being nurtured in foster care, getting all the love and treats that she has probably never known before. Firstly we were told by a GP vet that she was on palliative care only – nothing could be done as it would mean far too much for her to be operated on . . . twice.   We took a second opinion with a soft tissue specialist looking for the best ways to keep her comfortable.  Imagine our surprise when he took the view that because all else was good and there was no sign of spread, she should be given a chance.  Now the first stage of her surgical treatment has been done and GRACIE has recovered remarkably well from what we discover was in fact two half mammary chains.

Such is the spirit of this little girl that two days after her first surgery (which also included an ovario-hysterectomy!), GRACIE was up on her feet and ready to go home to continue her recovery and recuperation.

UPDATE: She has just had  her second serious operation to complete the process, which appears to have been successful and she is so delighted to be home with her foster family again – she would have turned somersaults had she been allowed!  In their words:

Gracie appears grateful for every loving touch, every treat, every kind word. She will make some lucky person the most amazing companion.

GRACIE is one very very special girl, now, without all the tumours, weighing in at just 7.5kgs. Once fully recovered, she will be available for adoption or even Lifetime Foster, so please form an orderly queue!

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