GWENNY – The new and oh so improved!

All about GWENNY – The new and oh so improved!

CHIP NO: 250268501440865
DATE OF BIRTH: 1 January 2017 (vet estimate)
BREED TYPE: LABOLLIE (lab x collie)
WEIGHT: 27.5 kg

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UPDATE FOR THIS LOVELY GIRL:  GWENNY is improving dramatically, learning to overcome her fears of the outside world and so becoming the companion dog outside of the home that she is within the home.  So many milestones are being reached in her re-education – she is just a star!

This is the latest from her fosterer (May 2023):

A big milestone has been achieved this week with Gwenny. She has come with me for day trips out and has walked through busy (but not crowded) streets with lots of distractions and has walked nicely at all times. She has also sat calmly under the seat at cafe’s while we have had lunch. I must admit I was very nervous of doing this with her as I wasn’t sure if she was ready so picked places where I could escape easily if need be. No worries though, she was a star.

In addition GWENNY has had a canine visitor in her home with whom she was just superb.  They were correctly introduced on neutral ground, and then in the home GWENNY was the perfect hostess – even showing her 13 year old female visitor around the garden!

We think we can safely start to say that GWENNY has improved by leaps and bounds – a long way now from the dog she was when outside of her home . . . but still the beautiful, loving and wonderfully tempered girlie she always was within the home.


GWENNY is in foster and proving that she is a total darling at home – loving, obedient, kind, affectionate, energetic . . . . and now she is getting help in coping with life in the world beyond her garden gate.  GWENNY and her fosterer have been guided in helping her overcome her fears of the outside world which manifested as barking and lungeing – not activities that the majority of people want in their dog.  She has been learning focus games which are helping her enormously to control her impulsivity and therefore give herself time to learn that there is nothing to be frightened of.  This is working a treat and week after week she is achieving milestones one might have thought never achievable.

Having had a short sojourn at a house with cats, we know that she finds living with cats extremely hard and so best avoided.  However that apart, she was quickly wrapping her charm round the family’s little finger.  Her temperament is second to none.

We want to continue working with her and continue to help her with her excitability outside, but equally she is now more than ready for the right family if they were to come along.

So who is GWENNY?

She is described as  “cheeky, playful and energetic while at the same time a little needy, affectionate and can be anxious”.  This seems to sum up her experience of life to date:  happy times as a puppy; left to one side when illness hit; not know what was happening – and several changes thanks to her unattended reactivity.  Now however she has had a stable period with her fosterer, has learned a huge amount and has learned to look to her fosterer for confirmation that she need not be frightened and attend to the situation (as she sees it) herself.   That is tremendous progress.  At one point walking town streets with lots of distractions would have been an absolute no-no.  That is the level of progress she has made.  What is more GWENNY has no separation anxiety, loves the car, and is great being handled both by owner and by vet.

What does GWENNY need?

  • A secure garden in which she can run and enjoy herself, play games and use her brain and expend physical energy.
  • An active canine companion who can be a playmate for her – no legislating for that one!
  • A loving family who understand her needs, particularly around attention and reassurance.
  • A family member who has the time and capacity to help her continue to learn, mainly around lead work, longline and recall.  Following her current games plan which is bringing such good results would be a must.
  • A family who like to give and have cuddles during “downtime” with their dog but who equally like walking and giving their dog the outdoor life that Gwenny would love.
  • No cats as they just add to her excitability and this needs to be calmed not aroused.
  • And above all, a family that can provide her with consistency, routine, security and safety for the rest of her life.

If you think you can offer GWENNY what she is looking for, please complete the application form on this page or, if you are already known to us, drop us a line at  She will repay a thousandfold given time and opportunity.

GWENNY is current fostered in Department 24 (Dordogne).