GWENNY – Can you bring consistency and security to her life?

All about GWENNY – Can you bring consistency and security to her life?

CHIP NO: 250268501440865
DATE OF BIRTH: 1 January 2017 (vet estimate)
BREED TYPE: LABOLLIE (lab x collie)
WEIGHT: 27.5 kg
OK CATS: Not recommended

Enquire about GWENNY – Can you bring consistency and security to her life?

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Imagine losing your home in a fire – utterly and completely . . . and it happening while you are on holiday.  Your dogs and the house-sitter are safe . . . but now you have to live in a small one-bedroom apartment with no garden until your house is re-built . . . probably a couple of years.

Such is the situation for GWENNY whose owners are thinking of her and what she needs and concluding that she needs to find a new home where she can continue not only with the sort of life she thoroughly enjoys and needs, but also with the investment of time and effort in helping her fulfil her potential.

GWENNY herself was a rescue just a few short months ago – having been tossed into and out of kennels for a prolonged period during the illness and then ultimate demise of her owner.  No-one wanted her.  And so she was rescued by her current family – ardent labrador lovers.  And now they have asked us to help them find the right “new” family for GWENNY.

Having now spent some time in a foster home, what does GWENNY need?

  • A secure garden in which she can run and enjoy herself
  • An active canine companion who can be a playmate for her – no legislating for that one!
  • A loving family who understand her needs, her desire for attention and reassurance.
  • A family member who has the time and capacity to help her continue to learn, mainly around lead work, longline and recall.   Her lack of lead work has revealed a reaction to other dogs when on a lead – something which can be dramatically helped with focus and training.   On the plus side GWENNY has no separation anxiety, loves the car, and is great being handled both by owner and by vet.
  • A family who like to give and have cuddles during “downtime” with their dog but who equally like walking and giving their dog the outdoor life that Gwenny would love
  • A family preferably without cats – although she has lived with cats latterly, it was a little turbulent.

So who is GWENNY?

Her owners have described her as  “cheeky, playful and energetic while at the same time a little needy, affectionate and can be anxious”.  This seems to sum up her experience of life to date:  happy times as a puppy; left to one side when illness hit; not know what was happening – and probably some of that still left over as she’s experienced upheaval yet again.   This has been confirmed in her foster situation and therefore we must add in to what GWENNY needs – and that is a family that can provide her with consistency, routine, security and safety over the next several months.  Something that has long eluded her.

If you think you can offer GWENNY what she is looking for, please complete the application form on this page or, if you are already known to us, drop us a line at

GWENNY has been in a foster situation for a few weeks but really does need to find her forever home – the family that fulfils what she needs.  She will repay a thousandfold given time and opportunity.