CHIP NO: 250269101121658
DATE OF BIRTH: 1 January 2023
VACCINATED: Yes, including passport
OK CATS: not lived with but indicates desire to chase
OK CHILDREN: No reason to doubt

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Please meet HERBIE a handsome one-year old Griffon

This profile comes directly from his fosterer who is no stranger to helping dogs peel away the onion layers of fear to reveal the true dog inside.

Herbie arrived with us a very timid, skinny boy who had obviously not experienced a good start to his young life. Scared of everything and everyone. However, Herbie has now gone bananas and embraced his new, good life with all four paws and has progressed so very rapidly that he will soon be ready to start to look for his forever humans.

He had obviously never lived in a house before but has quickly adapted. He is fully housetrained now. He learns so very quickly and is eager to please so is easy to work with.

His willingness to please his humans makes him THE most loving companion dog /love bug we have met in a while. There is nothing this dog likes more than to cuddle up next to you or on you for a snuggle and snooze and have his velvety ears massaged ….. be warned when that boy turns those eyes on you there is no escape!!!!! He is a super softy.

He is learning the boundaries and rules the same as any young dog does at his age.  He loves a slipper or sock in his bed – no chewing though! . . .  and will clean your kitchen worktops for you if you can’t be bothered to put away the food.

He loves his walks. He is currently still strong on the lead. He is learning recall well and we are working on pulling at the start of his walk due to excitement …but he is a hound so when that nose is down on the ground there is selective hearing! He walks well on a long lead with his doggy companions and friends.We are working on meeting new dogs whilst walking. Nothing bad, just the need to hound howl with excitement. He has shown zero aggression, not even a growl in any situation despite his poor experiences. No food aggression or possessive issues. Indeed, we have been working with him to build his confidence in eating freely without fear in front of us. Takes treats soooo gently and has a fondness for cheese and ham!!

Herbie is trained to sleep in a crate and willingly enters.He sleeps to between 7.30 to 8.00 am. We have also now started to leave him in his crate whilst we are out.

Herbie lives with a fellow male and a small pug sized female and cuddles up with both.  Cats are probably a no based on the fact that he is very “interested” when we are out and about. We have chickens which are penned and have trained him to pretty much ignore them now, but I would not trust him with free range or any other small furies running freely. He will need a secure garden with minimum 5-foot fencing. Not because he tries to escape, more he wants to go and meet people passing.

Herbie’s training and rehabilitation continues with the introduction to new more demanding situations. He improves each day but still sometimes the fear resurfaces in the form of cowering and crying if he feels threatened . . .  but again, these instances are becoming less as the confidence in us and himself grows.  He is more confident with women if afraid and gravitates to me if he feels threatened or unsure, so we are working on walks with my husband alone without any other dogs to build his resilience. Soon to introduce him to more public and busy environments.

He has come on so quickly, so it won’t be long before he is adopt-ready. It is apparent that as this boy moves on, he is super gentle, uber affectionate and loyal. He is a very present dog and will make a perfect companion. He will want to be with you or near you whenever possible. He will need a semi active individual/ family and outdoor space and walks to wear down his young energy. Form an orderly queue for this gorgeous boy!

As we anticipate that HERBIE will soon be adopt-ready, if he has captured your heart already, please either complete the online application linked on this page, or if you are already known to us, please drop us a line at enquiries@lesamisdesanimaux.com.

HERBIE is currently in foster in Department 11 (Aude).