HILIA: A Lone Girlie looking for a Lone Companion

All about HILIA: A Lone Girlie looking for a Lone Companion

CHIP NO: 250268730099713
DATE OF BIRTH: 22 June 2012
BREED TYPE: French Bulldog
VACCINATED: Yes with passport

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HILIA has been with us some time now and we continue to look for her perfect retirement home – a home where she can be the only pet.  She could manage apartment living very easily; she would love to be someone’s constant companion, going everywhere with them.  Meeting dogs outside the home is not an issue – she just simply does not want to share her home with others!  Perhaps she’s a bit of a diva – has been an only dog all her life and just loves it that way.

HILIA is still fun-loving, up to typical Frenchie antics and will make you smile every day.
We know Hilia’s provenance – her first Mum passed away, the son did not know what to do with, passed her on to a kind soul (but who had several other dogs and that did not work, and despite our best efforts with experienced fosterers, so it has gone on.   We have to accept that HILIA needs and indeed wants her own to herself!!
It is also said that she has lived with two cats but she is currently in a cat-free zone so we cannot verify this claim.  Her diva-like qualities also lead us to recommend that she would not appreciate the unwanted attentions of very small children.
When it comes to adults she is like putty in your hands!  HILIA loves lots of cuddles, tummy tickles, playtime and walks.  She has been totally clean in the home, is happy in her own company, and not at all anxious if she needs to be left alone for a period of time.
A vet checkover showed that HILIA is in good health overall.  There is no doubt that she’s been very loved throughout her life.  She now needs a new loving and caring family for the next chapter in her life.  She would delight in being the centre of attention and would bring a great deal of joy to someone who knows and loves the breed.
HILIA is currently in a pension situation in Department 64 (Pyrénées Atlantiques) and finding her the right home takes precedence over location.   If HILIA is just your type of girlie, please complete the online application form on this page or if you are already known to us, drop us a line at info@lesamisdesanimaux.com