Chip No: 250269604944682
BREED: Berger des Pyrenees à poil long
DOB: 12 April 2013
STERILISED : To be done
OK CHILDREN : YES – toddlers untested
OK CATS : Not tested
OK POULTRY : Not tested
OK LIVESTOCK : No reason to doubt
SIZE : 10 kg

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INDRA is a great case study in the difference that fostering can make.  We know it can make a physical difference, but seeing the emerging personality is the best part of all. 

Day by day INDRA is becoming the dog she was meant to be.  Most dramatic of all is the change in her behaviour as she learns to trust again. She is bright-eyed and inquisitive as her confidence grows.  There are things that we take for granted as “normal” for any dog.  But for INDRA she has not known normality for a long time. 

For instance, INDRA now understands that

  • being put on a lead is not a punishment and there is joy to be had in a walk.  
  • there is no need to flinch when touched by a human hand.
  • cuddles are something to be enjoyed as they do not bring pain.
  • her tail does not need to be clamped between her legs – it can wag!

In addition INDRA is learning the joys of living in close proximity with humans.  Her recall is improving day by day and she is enjoying her new-found freedom as she explores her foster family’s garden and field.  That said, she chooses to spend most of her time following her foster family around and trying to understand the strange thing that is human behaviour! She is no longer exhausted after a short lead walk and now bounds around with excitement when a walk is looking likely. 

In observing her integration into the foster family’s pack, it would appear, if you understand a little about dog hierarchy, that diminutive Missy INDRA is in the higher ranks.  This has meant absolutely no aggression, but the natural recognition by the other dogs, both of whom are bigger and female, that she has their respect – even despite her down-trodden state when she arrived.   We know that it is sometimes difficult for humans to understand how this can be, and that it is not possible to intervene in doggy hierarchy. 

So when looking for her future forever family it may be crucial that they understand a shift in dynamics in their pack, and know that this is perfectly normal and OK for their resident pooches.  We want to say this to avoid her rejection because adopters think their dogs are “upset” by the new incumbent.  We are far from recommending that she should be an only dog, though because of her adoration of her humans she would live a very happy life as an only dog too.  Her breed type requires that she has plenty of exercise so we are looking for a family that enjoys walking and where the dog is an integral part of the family and family life. 

And her foster Mum says:  

Indra will make a wonderful companion dog. She is lying at my feet as I write. The moment I move she will want to come with me. She will watch, listen and learn from everything I do. Her daily progress is an absolute joy to us.

INDRA is currently fostered in Department 81 (Tarn) but is available for adoption anywhere in France subject to a successful home check. If you would like to know more about INDRA, have the opportunity to meet her either virtually or in reality, you can:

  • click on the enquiry button if you are on the web page,
  • send a message from our Foster/Adoptions page
  • or write to