IZA – a bundle of delightful energy

All about IZA – a bundle of delightful energy

Chip No: 250268732739992
Date of Birth: 23 June 2020
Breed Type: Icad says "Epagneul Breton"; her DNA test says German Wirehaired Pointer
Vaccinated: Yes - passport to be done
Sterilised: Yes
OK Dogs: Yes
OK Children: Yes
OK Cats: Yes, with confident dog-familiar cats
OK Livestock: Scared of horses!!
OK Poultry: To be avoided or carefully trained to accept

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This little girl was adopted as a puppy from us and sadly her family were just way too busy – their lives had changed – to give her the time and attention she needed.

IZA has successfully moved into a foster home which specialises in the German Wirehaired Pointer (DNA Test already done showing IZA to be primarily of this breed).  There IZA is becoming a much better “listener” and wants to please rather than do her own thing!  It has to be remembered that these dogs are lively, intelligent and eager to work. If they are not guided into their playtime activities, then they will make them up for themselves, perhaps making your garden look like a warzone, perhaps taking off for a tour of the countryside.

Her foster Mum reports that IZA is now rapidly becoming the dog she can be.  This is her latest report:

IZA is doing really well, very puppy like, curious (just found her eating my shoe – lucky I checked!) She will hold others off her food, always hungry, needs to run free and fast.  Although high prey drive, she  does not jump fences even 4′.  She is impatient but learning that gates and doors have purpose, now will wait at gate for her lead to the car, and mostly does not pull. In the park she trails a line to be able to catch her.  Still wary of collar grabbling, improving as my hand is always fondling her while eating.

She is now making eye contact.  I make sure I touch her most times we meet around the house; she comes to my desk for cuddle;  I ask her to come indoors and sometimes to me in kitchen 50/50.  Yesterday she did come and licked me!

IZA has learned to settle after breakfast when others do.  Sometimes she’s out in the garden on her own, has started doing zoomies, and my Viz has been playing with her, so she gets squashed sometimes.  Amazingly she does not want to go on bed or sofas!  She sleeps in a Tuffle and is not always out of bed at first activity now, so she is relaxing.  She listens but knows a few evasive tricks!!

IZA needs a family who understands the multi-purpose nature of this wonderful and beautiful breed type. Active, loving, affectionate, comfort-seeking, friendly, joie de vivre – and very much in need of clear boundaries, together with focused activities that use both brawn and brain.  A fenced garden or play area is strongly recommended.  She needs somewhere she can safely and easily expend her energy.

If IZA fits what you are looking for, and you can offer her her best new life, then please do not hesitate to get in touch on info@lesasmisdesanimaux.com.  We’ll be delighted to hear from you.

IZA is currently in foster in department 87 (Haute Vienne), but the right home is more important to us than the location.  She could be adopted throughout France or farther afield.