JADE – a special little lady

All about JADE – a special little lady

CHIP NO: 250269101087005
DATE OF BIRTH: 17/03/2013
M/F? F
BREED TYPE: Wire Terrier cross
STERILISED: to be done
OK DOGS: Not on her own territory
OK CATS: Not tested but not recommended

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It’s time to take another look at JADE:

She has made a remarkable recovery healthwise and is no longer looking the sad, neglected and infected dog that she was.

It’s been a big learning journey about her since we took her out of the refuge where she had been abandoned and where she was completely lost.  What have we learned about this girlie?

  • She absolutely loves humans
  • She attaches very very quickly to humans
  • She responds very very well to humans – good recall – knows her name
  • She behaves extremely well in the human world (markets, shopping, cafés, restaurants, cars, airports)
  • She walks well on a lead and is happy to be walking wherever – in a town or the deepest countryside.
  • She is loyal to her humans – but not highly anxious when left
  • She does not like sharing her humans with other canines (and probably felines – though this has not been tested)
  • She loves being the only dog in her home environment.

JADE came to us after she was abandoned at the refuge with which we work closely.  Her owner had died without making provision for her.  She was in a rather poor state of health too – particularly her skin which was an allergic reaction to flea infestation.   Since then we have been assessing her needs, both physically and emotionally.  We now feel we better understand how she is doing and what she needs in her future retirement situation which she so deserves.

JADE would love to be a constant companion – a go-everywhere-do-everything with her human sort of dog.  That would be her idea of heaven.  She does not need a highly active life  even though she is remarkably good for her age.  A good walk, a day out and about, a seat on the sofa or at the feet of her human in the evening – and that would go down extremely well.

If you have a deep understanding and feeling for these older abandoned souls, please complete the application form on this page, or if you are already known to us, drop us an email to enquiries@lesamisdesanimaux.com.  We shall be delighted to hear from you.

JADE is currently in pension for a few days in Department 31 (Haute Garonne).