JONESY: Quick, Calm and Eager to Please

All about JONESY: Quick, Calm and Eager to Please

Chip No: 250268743084974
BREED: ICAD general description Chien Courant. More likely Griffon Fauve de Bretagne
DOB: 1 November 2017 (vet estimate)
OK DOGS : YES (male & female)
OK CATS : Not tested but may chase
OK POULTRY : Not tested
OK LIVESTOCK : Not tested
SIZE : 24 kg

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This is JONESY through his fosterer’s eyes:

JONESY was found by us on Friday 18th October 2019 limping through our village. Although very wary, we managed to catch him and took him to the vets to try and find his owners but he had not been chipped or tattooed. Despite all efforts, he was never claimed.

As he got on so well with our 2 dogs (a 6 year old Labrador and an 18 month rescue Malinois), we spoke to Les Amis des Animaux and agreed to foster him through them until his permanent family could be found to adopt him.

The limp was caused by an animal bite that had gone all the way through and caught the bone and had started to get infected.  With a course of antibiotics and pain killers the limp has gone. He has also had small cyst removed from his ear and is now castrated, chipped and started his vaccinations.

Since being with us, JONESY has gained in confidence.  Straightaway he has been clean in the house with no accidents. He is unsure of a lot of house things such as the broom, hoover and mop, but is inquisitive and comes forward to investigate. Originally he didn’t attempt to climb the stairs but after 2 weeks of sleeping downstairs on his own (as our 2 sleep in our bedroom) one night whilst we were asleep he came up on his own and we awoke in the morning to find him asleep in one of the dog beds! He has started to come up on the bed like our dogs do but obeys when we tell him to get on his own bed.

He has learnt his new name which kind of evolved from Griff as in griffon and Griff Rhys Jones and my love of the song Mr Jones.  With a bit of encouragement (and as long as he hasn’t got the wind of anything else up his nose to distract him!) he will come when called in the garden.  It is however still early days.

It is apparent that he had had no basic training so we are currently teaching him to “assis” and he has learnt the word “no”. He has stood up to the table and to the kitchen worktop but has learnt that that is not acceptable. He hates being told off but a slightly raised voice is all that is needed as he learns quickly.

JONESY has learnt our routine and knows he gets a quick cuddle in bed in the morning whilst we drink our tea and then he gets down onto his own bed. When we get up it’s a morning walk in the woods, back home to get towelled dried , (we are trying to get him used to the hairdryer as well), then breakfast and a bit of calm before any play and training. Afternoon walk, getting dried off, bit of calm then dinner, more calm time then play, calm and then bed (having learned that this is preceded by a last toilet break!).

He plays very well with both our dogs, especially the young Malinois and they can both get quite boisterous but it is easy to bring them both back down if they get over exuberant. He is not a hyper boy and takes to his calm periods very well during the day.

On the walks he is on a long 4m lead as if he is offlead and gets a scent, there is no doubt he will be off to do his own thing.  His lead walking is improving – he clearly had not been used to one before.  The degree of pulling at the moment varies from very little when we are walking on hard standing, to a little more on woodland and meadow paths.  However, should he get a scent he is true to his breed type, and tries his very best to follow it. He is having to learn ‘leave’.

JONESY adores cuddles and fuss and is so affectionate and willing to please. One look into his eyes and you are hypnotised.

Although not tested in our house or garden, he has demonstrated a natural desire to chase the cats that wander in our hamlet.  Equally although he does not appear to be an escape artist but would recommend a secure garden to prevent against the call of the wild.

In the short time we have had JONESY we have had visitors to the house and he is cautious and barks.  No aggression has been shown and he will eventually approach to sniff and get a fuss.  You can take his food bowl away from him with no problem and if he starts to go to our dogs’ bowls a quick no and he stops.  He is also an excellent traveller in the car – just settles down.

We are continuing to train him and socialise him until his real and forever home can be found. We go to a weekly group dog training session with him and the Malinois so he meets other dogs. We are training him with the French commands.

JONESY is currently fostered in Department 24 (Dordogne), and can be adopted anywhere in France or beyond, subject to a very successful home check.  If you would like to know more about JONESY, you can:

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