JONI – Sweet, Gentle, Curious and Kind

All about JONI – Sweet, Gentle, Curious and Kind

Chip No: 250269608801317
Date of Birth: 1 January 2018 (guestimated)
Breed Type: Labrador
Vaccination and Sterilisation: to be done prior to adoption

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JONI is something of a wonder.  She was running wild, homeless in some uninhabited brushland.  In that barren brushland, she found a burrow under a large tree and there gave birth to nine puppies.  Not only did she give birth, but she managed to keep them all alive and well until they were rescued at around two weeks of age.  She was too frightened of humans to be come willingly and so had to be trapped.   But she never once showed an ounce of aggression even though she was frightened out of her wits.

She continued to nurse her babies in the refuge situation until she could do it no more.  Nine babies had taken its toll as we discovered when we took the whole litter and Joni into foster.

She was taken for rest and recuperation into foster on her own and soon began to settle down, and start to put on the weight that she so needed.  Every day with love and care she grows in confidence.

Her story will continue . . .

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