JOY – So well named

All about JOY – So well named

Chip No: 250269610199726
Date of Birth: 11 November 2014
Breed Type: Labrador
Vaccinated - underway
Sterilised - underway soon
OK dogs - yes

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JOY and her kennel mate Naya came to us through the sad circumstances of a husband dying and the widow not wanting to keep them.

It appeared when we collected them that they had very little experience of life, of even living in a home.  That theory was very quickly laid to rest once they arrived at their foster home.  After the full tour, sniffing and exploring everywhere, they soon settled down in the warm.  We knew they had lived outside with no bed, no blanket just in a covered pen . . . . so our expectations were not high about them knowing about a ‘bed’ to lie in.  Again we were surprised – they lapped up the comforts of a soft cushion.  Another surprise – completely clean in the home overnight and during the day.

It became very clear that JOY in her 7 years had known love – perhaps not recently, but certainly in her life, and this is such a plus with an abandoned dog.

This is what their fosterer says about JOY:

Joy is perfectly named because she really is a joy to have around. She has a very easy-going nature and asks for very little. Being a Labrador, food is a high priority but this makes her very easy to train. She will sit and wait for her food to be put in front of her. She comes and sits on command. She’s very keen to let you know that she loves you so kisses are a regular event but she responds well to ‘Off’ and will give you space when you need it. She loves walking and walks well on a lead despite her keen urge to run after anything that moves. She will be soon ready for her forever home.

We feel sure that JOY will make a great companion dog.

JOY is currently in foster in Department 65 (Hautes Pyrenées).  If you would like to know more about her and the possibility of offering her a forever home, please contact us at