KALEV: Fun, Lovable . . . and Handsome!

All about KALEV: Fun, Lovable . . . and Handsome!

CHIP NO: 250 26 95 91 18 95 78
DATE OF BIRTH: 11 April 2019
VACCINATED: Yes including Passport
WEIGHT: around 25 kg
OK CATS: accepts "own" cat - may chase when outdoors
OK POULTRY: Not if free range

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KALEV first came onto our radar when he was dumped at a vets for euthanasia because he had a severely broken leg.  Vet refused to euthanise and rang us – could we help?  So we did.

Firstly he needed his leg sorting  which was done by an orthopaedic specialist and then two months of complete crate rest in order to let the leg heal.

KALEV is now absolutely fully recovered thanks to the skills of the specialist and the loving care of his foster family . . . and is ready to be prepared for his adoptive home.  He is the sweetest natured of dogs – as is typical of this breed type.  He can of course go from sofa surfing to exploring the countryside in 60 seconds flat given half a chance.

Despite his estimated 4 years of age, KALEV’s education has been a little lacking . . but even during crate rest he was learning and has continued to do so.  Thankfully he learns quickly and, despite never having been in a home, was very quickly house-trained.   He has mastered most of the basics and in a pretty uninteresting garden area his recall is good.  As with most hounds and terriers, his ears and his nose are linked to create deafness when the nose activity overrides the hearing!!!

KALEV tolerated being crated to aid his recovery for a long time; then he went to the other extreme of needing to expend loads and loads of energy; and now the pendulum is swinging and levelling out at centre and he is becoming a lovely, fun-loving and great pet for those who love a handsome hound.  He still needs good walks, learning every day and being allowed to become the dog he can be.

So what sort of family for KALEV?

  • First and foremost a family that loves and understands hounds.
  • A family that can work with him, constantly bringing out the best in him in the home environment and outside
  • A family with an enclosed garden to give chance to run around offlead
  • A family – with or without other dogs – that likes to be active in the outdoors.

KALEV is currently in foster in Department 82 (Tarn et Garonne) but we are looking for the right family for him regardless of geographical location.

If you are a griffon fan and could give KALEV a very happy life, then please complete the online form linked to this page.  If on the other hand you are already known to us – ie have applied before and been approved – then drop us a line at enquiries@lesamisdesanimaux.com and we’ll be delighted to hear from you.