KIKI – Can this Senior be your Centre of Attention?

All about KIKI – Can this Senior be your Centre of Attention?

CHIP NO: 250269604877552
BREED TYPE: Terrier Reverend Russell
DATE OF BIRTH: 25 April 2013
VACCINATED: Yes with passport

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Please meet KIKI (registered as “Iron”) who is a re-home and while he has not been cruelly treated in any way, he would appear to be craving human contact and affection.

Our trainer who has assessed him feels that he would thrive as an only dog (or with another female larger dog), perhaps with a retired  person who has an enclosed garden, and for whom KIKI would be their centre of attention.  He’s never been used to walkies – so currently they do not light his fire.  He has been a bit of a free spirit from what we can gather,  used to just wandering around, sometimes in undesirable places – hence the request for an enclosed garden.  He has strong Jack Russel traits – so no cats and no poultry would be our recommendation.

We feel that given time and patience he will learn much more about living as a regular family  member and may even come to get excited about the prospect of a walk!!  For the moment there is not the typical dog response of “Yipee we are going for a walk!!”.   Nor has he been used to toys . . . except a ball which he seems to love.

He is in fact registered as a PARSON RUSSELL which possibly means that he was originally bought as a full-bred Parson Jack Russell puppy and even at 10 years old he is a fine looking specimen.

In terms of a home KIKI will not be asking for a lot!  This is his wish-list:

  • A family with no very young children,  that is familiar with, and understands the breed  in order to distinguish between the stubbornness of the breed and a dog that is confused because it does not understand what is required.
  • A family with good-sized fenced space but no non-feisty cats nor free-range chickens.
  • A family with patience to let him experience understanding and consistency in what is required of him.  He’s never had that chance.  It may take him a little time to get used to a more traditional pet routine – going for walks etc.
  • And the bonus of a family with a larger, well-mannered female as canine companion and from whom he can also learn.

KIKI is currently living in Department 65 (Hautes Pyrénées).  It is far more important to us to find a home for him (which will be foster first with then either adoption or lifetime fostering) where even at this late stage in his life he can learn and grow through consistency and familiarity.

If you are drawn to helping KIKI have the benefit of a new life, please complete the application form which is linked on this page.  Alternatively if you are already known to us, please drop us a line at