KYARA – one lucky girl

All about KYARA – one lucky girl

Chip no: 250269606947250
Date of Birth: 02/09/2017
Breed: American Staffordshire Terrier (Category 2)
Current weight: 12.5 kgs and gaining
Sterilised: Yes

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How can we describe as ‘lucky’ a dog in the deplorable state that Kyara currently finds herself? Well call it fate, call it serendipity but members of the Les Amis team happened to knock on a wrong door in the refuge.  It was the office where Kyara, a heap of skin and bones, was being kept as well as they could in the warm.  Looking at her, there seemed no hope, and enquiring about her we were told  that following vet visits and rafts of tests she had an incurable malabsorption condition.  So she was basically starving to death as her poor body simply could not absorb the nutrients from the food she was eating.

We asked if they wanted help and they were astounded we should ask.  Clearly a dying, category dog (AmStaff or AmStaff X it was difficult to tell) – who would want to help her?

Our first thought was that at least we could offer her palliative care – somewhere she could end her days surrounded by love.  But, ever the optimists, we needed to be sure about her diagnosis and get a specialist opinion. So we whisked her to a specalist vet for advice . . .  and instead of the dire prognosis we feared, tests confirmed that she has a pancreatic condition and, with special medication and diet, there is every chance that this girl can recover her health and strength.

So yes, despite everything that she has suffered, Kyara is ‘lucky’ that we knocked on that door!

One of our wonderful fosterers stepped in to help her on Christmas Eve having just watched her latest fosterling depart for her forever home.  She was up and ready to help in a flash. Most people spend Christmas Eve shopping . . . . .

And, heart-breaking though her state is, KYARA has totally astounded us.  In a few short days she is  beginning to respond to her new surroundings and her new regime of medication and high value diet. She is eating very well, feeling cosy in her warm vests and becoming more confident daily. She clearly loves her humans, is living happily with another dog, and has shown herself to be happy with a cat.

It is very early days, but we are hopeful that this initial progress will steadily continue so that her true character can begin to emerge. More soon……

Wonderful news today! Just one short week in foster and KYARA had gained 2kgs!  She is now up to 4 kg gain and her specialist vet just could not believe it.  However, results from tests brought further concern . . . and now we know that KYARA has a “knotted” small intestine and will require special food and dietary medication for the rest of her life.  It is a small penalty for the love of this beautiful girl who even after her operation to do a biopsy and include her sterilisation, she was soon up, tail wagging, and ready for her food, her cuddles and a gentle walk.

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