LAZLO: a Constant Companion sort of Dog

All about LAZLO: a Constant Companion sort of Dog

Chip No: 250268732566185
Date of Birth: 1 November 2016
Breed type: X Spaniel (berger? terrier?)
OK dogs: Only some
OK cats: No
OK poultry: Not tested
OK livestock: No reason to doubt
OK children: Has proven to be fine with older respectful children
Size: 15kg

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LAZLO – possibly a spaniel x labrit or x terrier – a lively mix indeed! This is the forerunner to saying that this lad needs a home that understands where he is coming from and can continue to work on his development.

LAZLO would probably thrive best as an only dog as he tends to like his own space and can be protective of it. He is crate trained and his crate is his haven. It is quite likely that over time, as his sense of security increases, he could learn that cohabiting with another dog is entirely possible. Some are already more acceptable to him than others.

He has changed considerably already since he was rescued from his miserable existence, so there is absolutely no reason to think that this development is not going to continue once in the right hands. His early rescue days did not start well but much work has been done and he now needs his own someone with time, patience and understanding to help him develop further.

Humans are his world and he loves his life around them.   He’s a constant companion sort of dog – go anywhere, “do anything so long as his human is there” sort of dog.   Cats are a mystery to him.


He is great in the home, not suffering from any form of separation anxiety, is non-destructive, and just lives happily within the home respecting all objects and furniture. He is totally clean. He has basic commands, with good recall in the garden and reasonable recall outside in offlead situations. – in other words like most dogs he has occasional bouts of deafness when there is something more interesting going on!

There is no food aggression – his bowl can be handled, and toys easily taken out of his mouth. Nor does he counter surf or steal. Unlike many abused dogs he knows how to play and will chase and retrieve a ball. So he knows how to amuse himself without causing any damage – he is not a persistent digger, so gardens remain in tact!   He is great in the car, travels quietly and well.


We are looking for an experienced foster or adoptive home who would be prepared to continue his development for we know that while he is good within his comfort zone, he has not yet reached his full potential.  We feel that if he could have a home with a strong human to rely on, someone who can clearly show him the boundaries and at the same time expand his training horizons, his future would be a really rosy one.

LAZLO is currently in Brittany, and is available for long-term foster, or adoption anywhere in France or beyond, subject to a very successful home check.  If you would like to know more you can:

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