LENY: making progress in foster

All about LENY: making progress in foster

Chip No: 250268731423562
Date of Birth: 01/08/2015
M/F: Male

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LENY – we cannot start to imagine what sort of a life Leny has had.  However he has proven to be the most loving, attentive and intelligent dog in the home environment.  He just laps up learning, getting praise and being in the company of his family.

When he is outside away from his home and on lead we discovered it was a completely different matter. He was highly reactive to anything and everything.  His confidence is zero in such circumstances and therefore he reacts. Huge amounts of work have been done with him and he continues to learn.   Using desensitising and counter-conditioning training methods he is gradually learning that the world does not need to be told to “go away”!  He has got as far as joining in the training classes and on the Sunday dog walks.  This is HUGE progress and we continue with him.   He is worth every ounce of investment in him – the rewards of progress are immense.  He will be a dog to own with pride!