LILOU – Never Puts a Paw Wrong

All about LILOU – Never Puts a Paw Wrong

CHIP NO: 250268732524947
BREED TYPE: Berger Allemand X
DATE OF BIRTH: 1 December 2017
VACCINATED: YES including rabies and passport
OK CATS: No - but learning

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UPDATE:  LILOU is now in a foster home – not because she needs one but simply because we have not had an ounce of interest in her.  And someone somewhere is missing out BIG time!!!  LILOU is totally adopt-ready – and these were the comments made quite voluntarily by the experienced doggy people who helped with her covoiturage to her foster home:

This morning I was privileged to meet yet another lovely Les Amis dog on her way to a foster parent. She had borrowed a coat from a German Shepherd friend but she herself had one of those broad honest faces, a tail that wagged on meeting and during every subsequent chat, and impeccable manners. When I reached to offer comfort she gently licked my hand to let me know she was alright, and ask at the same time “Are you?”  My empty return journey always gives me time to reflect on my latest passenger and I came to the conclusion that this lovely girl had “soul.”
I didn’t think she’d be “my type” but I fell in love with her the second she just wanted to snuggle up on my lap (she really is that small!!).
Such a lovely girl  handed over to me – to continue her journey to a foster home. She is the perfect family dog, just looking for a chance – well trained, kind and affectionate
And I took Lilou on the last leg of her journey to her foster home. What an absolute sweetheart!

Her fosterer is over the moon with her . . . . just a pity it is not her forever family!  Since being with her foster Mum she has not put a paw wrong in any way shape or form.  Her fosterer confirms that it will be a very lucky family who gets her in their lives.  She is MUCH smaller than her photos would have you believe – she comes in at less than 20 kg!


Please meet LILOU who came under our wing when we were notified that her owners were going to leave her locked in a garage as they moved house to take their separate ways.  Because the case was urgent and we did not have time to find a foster home for her, she has been in a pension situation.

Very very rarely do we hear the words – “so easy and so well trained”.  LILOU is obedient, responsive and good on a lead.  She will be a wonderful companion, or a real bonus for anyone interested in canine activities/training.  She just loves to work.

We do however know that cats are not her thing so a cat-free home is recommended.  She is however not “cat crazy” when out for a walk if one happens across the path.  A quick No! or Leave! and keep going and that’s that’.

LILOU is in foster in Department 86 (Vienne).