LOU – Just an absolute delight!

All about LOU – Just an absolute delight!

CHIP NO: 250268780197906
DATE OF BIRTH: 30 March 2022
BREED TYPE: Labrador X
STERILISED: No too young

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LOU was born in foster with us, one of Mia’s puppies and previously called KIA.  Her adoption has failed through ill-health of her adopter and she has arrived back in foster with us.

LOU has obviously been well looked after and is an easy, well-balanced puppy.  Like any puppy of her age, she is still in need of being socialised in a range of contexts as she grows and develops.  Her fosterer reports that she has a very sweet nature.  She is  constantly happy and looking to give cuddles and love.  As you would expect with a puppy of this age she wants to play and can play rough with her “foster” sister, but there is not a gram of aggression in her.  She is happy to share food and toys.  She has experienced cats and children for the first time in foster and is pretty good with them in such a short space of time.  She is fully house-trained and has quite a good response vocabulary – including ‘leave’ which is useful as she’s a carrier  . . .  she loves picking up a shoe or the odd sock and parading with is.  However she is not a seek and destroy puppy.

Of course she is still growing so is all legs and wings at the moment and still finding her adult co-ordination.

As her foster Mum says: She is just an absolute delight!

LOU, like several of her siblings, is developing a beautiful black griffon coat.  We obviously have no idea about their Dad – but given Mum is a mainly yellow lab . . . . !

LOU needs a kind, active home – ideally with another canine friend as she has shown herself very easy to get along with – where she can continue to learn and grow in confidence.   If you feel this might be you, then please complete the application form on this page or, if you are already known to us, please drop us a line at info@lesamisdesanimaux.com

If you want to find out more about adopting through LesAmis, go to https://lesamisdesanimaux.com/applying-to-adopt-or-foster-a-dog/

LOU is currently in foster in northern France – but of far great importance is finding a match for her with her new family.