All about LUC – ADOPTED!

Chip No: 250268743660443
Date of Birth: 25 November 2020
Breed Type: - Belgian Shepherd, Malinois
Vaccinated: Yes
Sterilised: Planned early September
OK Dogs: Yes
OK Children: Yes with the obvious care needed for a boisterous puppy!

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Luc is an affectionate, intelligent bundle of pure energy. He thrives on human company; as long as he feels involved he is happy to chill – as I write this he is examining the standard of my husband’s weeding with a quizzical look on his face.

He needs mental stimulation to be at his best – to feel alive – watching and listening to humans certainly counts, but search/ find, chase and retrieve are great favourites. He adores his walks, has excellent recall and can catch a ball in mid-flight with all legs off the ground. He will keep you fit!

LUC has experienced minimal training but picks up cues well. Whilst boisterous he has been gentle with our resident dog, backing off when challenged by her.

We can see him as a lowland search and rescue champion or top fly- ball competitor! In a short time he has won our hearts and we shall miss him when he finds his permanent home’

LUC came into our care from a home where the owner through change of career was apparently no longer able to care for him.   Even as a young puppy he was being left in kennels for long periods while his owner was working away. We soon found out that this had impacted on LUC’s training – or lack of it!

That said he has shown himself in a short period of time to be a lovely 9 month old, eager to learn, affectionate, able to do “downtime” as well as high activity and just a lovely young dog ripe for development. He has shown no aggression at all – just lively, excited, curiosity.   That does mean that he currently can be a bit of a handful on the lead . . . but that is something he is learning in his foster home – though it may be a work in progress for a little while given that it was clear he was unfamiliar with the lead when he was taken for his first walk.

LUC will need a family who

  • understands the breed,
  • are fit and active,
  • love outings,
  • have time and passion to dedicate to canine activities and training (and there are lots to choose from at which he could excel in the right hands!).

Although LUC has only been in foster a short while, because he is so young, we feel it would be beneficial for him to move as soon as his forever family have found him.  If you are drawn to this magnificent puppy, you can:

  • click on the enquiry button if you are on the web page,
  • send a message from our Foster/Adoptions page
  • or write to

LUC is currently in foster in Department 17 (Charente Maritime) but will find his forever home where there is the best match for him.