LUCIE – Large and Lovely

All about LUCIE – Large and Lovely

CHIP NO: 642090001943254
DATE OF BIRTH: 21 January 2021
VACCINATED: Yes with Passport

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Meet LUCIE – who is looking for a new home because she grew too big for her current owners.  They have had her since she was a young puppy, and instead of growing up looking like her Mum as she was supposed to do, we have to assume that she takes after her Dad, whoever he was!!!   All we can say is that he must have been a very handsome chap.

LUCIE was originally brought in from Romania – she is now correctly registered on iCAD and has a French Passport.  She is sterilised, and fully up to date on her vaccinations.

LUCIE has a beautiful temperament, is full of fun and joy, and we know she is bombproof around children, living with a boisterous 3 year old who has been allowed to “jump on her”!   She does however lack training and needs time and effort put into her which her current owners do not have and are unskilled to give.  This means she needs help with lead work, and with recall – as people know, the two go hand in hand.  From the information we have, she does not get sufficient exercise for her needs – what we have been told is extremely low.  She is fully clean in the home, can be left without any problems (though it is entirely likely that she would prefer some canine companionship), and she travels well in a car.  She also knows how to play with toys and with other dogs.  In other words, she has lots and lots of good points that make her a wonderful candidate as a family dog.

LUCIE does not know cats but does show something of a keen interest when seen from afar so we would err on the side of caution and say probably best no cats.  That is however a guess and with time effort and patience she could well end up very good with her “own” cats.  May be a different story with those who do not belong to her.

LUCIE therefore needs a home that

  • likes their dogs on the larger size – not huge – LUCIE weighs in at 30 kg.
  • likes to be active, with walking and games a strong possibility
  • is willing and has the time to give her the training she needs, especially lead work and recall,
  • is interested in other canine activities to help LUCIE develop to her full potential.

LUCIE is currently in Department 64, Pyrénées Atlantiques.