LUCY – Still Young at Heart

All about LUCY – Still Young at Heart

Chip number: 250269604514185
Breed type: Labrador/Collie
M/F? F
Date of Birth: 7/10/2011
Vaccinated: Yes
Passport: Yes
Sterilised: Yes
Weight: 32kgs (not yet slimline version!)
OK Dogs: Yes
OK Cats: Yes
OK Children: Yes
OK Poultry: Yes
OK Livestock: Yes

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LUCY is still a young dog in spirit – she is a waggy-tailed, happy-go-lucky girlie who absolutely adores her walks, loves to play (toys or digging up molehils are top of the charts), yet despite being a “lab type”,  is none too fond of retrieving.  She is much more the “you threw it, you get it” sort of girl!  She does know how to amuse herself too with a rope toy.

Having arrived in foster significantly overweight, she is trimming up nicely.  This, along with good  food, the right sort of bed, and joint supplement, means that she is now able to be virtually as active as her young head tells her she should be!  She is a very active dog for her age and would benefit from somewhere with land where she can safely run free.  She is so excited by being outside that she tends to want to pull on lead.  Because she is not a dog who heads for the hills when free, and is deeply motivated by food, opportunity to expend her energy in liberty would be a huge bonus for her.

Although she is currently living with another dog, the resident dog is non-too-interested in other dogs and prefers to just rub along with others canines.  LUCY however has even managed to win him over to some extent with her charm and they have a tendency to copy each other in different ways – a huge acknowledgement of each other.   Of course LUCY is good with everything: dogs, cats, poultry, livestock.

She has shown herself not to be a barker, much preferring to be the back-stop and leave any barking work to the lead barker.  She is totally non-dominant and would benefit from having a more dominant canine companion who will do the work she would prefer not to have to do – like being up front and meeting and greeting people.  LUCY can be shy of strangers coming to the home.  However if she is ignored and can take her own time in realising they are OK, she will soon approach with waggy tail.   Her lovely temperament shines through and she behaves impeccably at the vets.  She is also a very good traveller and always up for a ride.

She is crate trained and her crate is her haven – she absolutely loves it.  So it would be advantageous for her to continue having that in any new home.

It will be important to keep her weight down so that she does not do inadvertent damage to her limbs and articulations and she has the possibility of keeping running and being active for as long as she can.   Apart from her night-time pill for slight incontinence which works 100% perfectly for her, she is in great health and on no other medication.

Prior to moving into foster, LUCY had been with the same family since she was a puppy of just 8 weeks old. She was a much-loved family pet who had been well-cared for all her life until ill-health struck her family.

This is how her foster family sum her up:

In terms of character, she’s lovely – affectionate, trusting, loves to be brushed, petted, stroked. She comes up for a love a lot and is a real sweetheart.

If you feel you could offer LUCY a place in your heart and your home, and ideally would like to help her develop her confidence, then please

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