MADIRAN: A vintage still in need of maturing

All about MADIRAN: A vintage still in need of maturing

CHIP NO: 250269590537431
DATE OF BIRTH:15 February 2019
BREED TYPE: English Setter Blue Merle
STERILISED; to be done

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MADIRAN has moved into foster and we hope it will be his forever home.

MADIRAN and his brother BUDDY have not had the best of starts.  They are now having some basic education in a pension environment but are ready to be separated and join families who can bring out the best in them.

This is what the pension owner has said about them so far:

Both are loving dogs, typical of their breed and full of energy, so need plenty of exercise. Both dogs are quick learners, and eager to please. They will need further training. They are both quiet dogs, they do not mind other easy going dogs, but will bark back if barked at by another dog. They do no seem to be so close to each other, so can be separated for re-homing. Both are nervous dogs in any new situation. They are very good with people.

Sharing a home with other dogs will I think be possible, however cats/chickens and birds flying anywhere in the vicinity are in danger!

Initially they dirtied their sleeping area, that has stopped. They now make less mess in their pen and are gradually learning to do their business on their walks.

Yes I think they are both dogs that do and want to come back to you on a walk – we only use 5 metre leads, but they are learning to respond to a call back and to stand still when required. (normally to untangle the leads!) They have learned fairly quickly to be calm and sit prior to a walk to allow their leads to be put on.  An experienced dog owner will be able to teach them fairly easily, especially 1 to 1.

So we are looking for a foster home for MADIRAN – either foster to adoptability or foster with view to adoption – where there is hopefully setter experience, a love of the breed, and a family with the time and patience to give them the chance to learn what perhaps they should have had the opportunity to learn when they were small.  With beautiful temperaments they are worth the investment that they need.

If you would like to help this guy learn and mature please complete the application form on this page or, if you are already known to us, drop us a line at

MADIRAN is currently in Department 65 (Hautes Pyrenées).