MAHO – A mystery to unravel

All about MAHO – A mystery to unravel

Chip no: 250269811327971
Date of Birth: 02/01/2016
Breed: Sharpei
Vaccinated: Yes with passport
Sterilised: Yes
OK other dogs: Yes with the correct introduction as for all dogs.
OK Cats: Definitely not recommended for this breed
OK Children: Yes has lived with older children (9 years old).

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Early days in foster for young MAHO so we will be able to tell you a lot more soon.

What is immediately apparent is that his interaction with humans in any positive way has been limited, and he has had little experience of what he sees as the big scary world.  He is unused to walking far on the lead, and becomes distressed as soon as he is on unfamiliar ground. He is also terrified of water – again something that is being worked on because he desperately needs a bath!

That said, MAHO is already attaching to his foster family and looking to them for reassurance and cuddles when he gets overwhelmed.

We have unearthed in MAHO a couple of health issues which are now being addressed, including a deep-seated and long-standing ear infection.  This is the stage at which in rescue we realise that a re-home request is more serious than it at first appeared.

Despite being prodded and poked at the vets, his behaviour has been exemplary.  And just a couple of short days later, here is what his foster mum reports:

“Maho is a kind hearted and sweet soul, looking for the right care and attention from his forever home. He is incredibly smart and knows plenty of tricks. He learns very quickly what is right and wrong and listens to your commands.  He is very gentle with people and always looking for a cuddle and a scratch. He can be a little scared with meeting new people and going to new places, but with slow integration he gets along fine. Maho needs a little help remembering how to play and socialise. But he is learning quickly and will no doubt be chasing balls and tugging on ropes in no time”

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