MAJA – Black and Beautiful Chunky Puppy

All about MAJA – Black and Beautiful Chunky Puppy

Chip no: 250269608591422
Date of birth: 9 August 2020
Breed: Siberian Husky x Newfoundland?
M/F?: F
Vaccinated: Primo completed
OK Dogs: Yes
OK Children: Yes
OK Cats/Poultry/Livestock - Not tested

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Meet MAJA – who is going to be a big girl, a beautiful girl, a brilliant girl in the right hands.

She and her brother were rescued from a desperate couple who did not know how to manage these rapidly growing two, along with their mother, in an apartment situation.  Their vet put them in touch with us.

They had been well-raised with their Mum but were just too too much once they got to seven weeks old and needed space, and of course, like all puppies, were peeing and pooping for France!

Mum is a full Siberian Husky . . . Dad said to be a passer-by and described as large, black and fluffy with long ears.  MAJA is a bit of both – her looks are those of her mother; while she is courageous and adventurous like her nocturnal father – and not lacking in the confidence stakes!  She is that wonderful mix of rough and tumble “I’m the bravest of the brave” and “please give me a tummy rub”.

MAJA is now primo vaccinated and chipped, wormed and deparasited.  She is used to living in a very busy home with several other dogs, two children and several adults.  She is unfazed by household noises and is very much at home outside as well as inside.

If MAJA appeals to you and you are used to large dogs in your life, are interested in training through to adulthood, and love Nordic and working breeds, then please:

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