All about MANGO – ADOPTED!

Chip no: 250268731765498
M/F? M
DOB: 19/09/2016
Breed: Braque Francais type Gascogne (GSP)
Ok other dogs? Yes
Ok cats? TBC

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UPDATE:  MANGO – now called CB – for Charlie Brown – has come on by leaps and bounds – a real asset to any household.  We are preparing a revised profile but this boy is a gem and is now fully ready for adoption!

MANGO looks to all intents and purposes like a German Shorthaired Pointer – though his iCAD says he is the French counterpart of this breed, and one that is specific to Gascony – Braque Français de Gascogne.

Despite their being maligned as a “chasse dog” they are far from that!  They are wonderful all-round family dogs in the right setting – ie an active family, interested in training, interested in keeping body and brain happy, ideally in the company of another dog(s).

MANGO has been in the refuge since last April being kept away from inappropriate hands.  He is now needing a change – he needs a home environment where he can learn and develop.  Throughout – and even in the state of overcrowding which is currently the case at the refuge where he is – he has shown himself to consistently be a good natured boy who gets on well with both the staff and the other dogs.  He walks well on a lead, if, understandably, a little excitable at first, and is non-dominant.

If you feel that you could help MANGO to experience life in a home environment or indeed would just like further information then please enquire here or email

MANGO/CB is currently in foster in Department 56 (Morbihan).