CHIP NO: 250268781023986
BREED TYPE: Border Collie X (according to ICAD)
DATE OF BIRTH: 20 October 2023

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Please meet MARGOT – still just a baby – full of life and eagerness to learn.  Sadly she is looking for a new home.

There’s not a lot one can say about a puppy who is still very young (5 months) and has a lot to learn.  She is a “toddler” full of life, naughtiness, joie de vivre, warm and comfortable coziness all rolled into one – a whole universe waiting to be fulfilled and her full potential brought to the fore.  She is pretty clean in the home, and is well advanced on the lead for her age.  Some of the basic commands are in the throes of being learned .

She has just had to go into urgent foster care, and so the faster she can find that forever home, the better for her.

We have known MARGOT since she was very small – a member of the litter we called the “Dolly Mixtures” – so called because they were all so different and possibly had two or three fathers between them!  She waited the longest to be collected having been reserved for a long time and then after a few short weeks it has just not worked out for the older and somewhat disabled dog in the household.   Her owner is in bits about having “failed” her.

MARGOT is going to be quite a beauty as she grows and develops.  Whilst her iCAD says she is “border collie X” because her mother was, she is acquiring a beautiful griffon coat as can be seen.  Her brothers and sisters are all doing well, growing and developing at their different rates.

If you are drawn to MARGOT and could give this puppy the best life she can imagine, then please click on the link on this page to our online application form, or, if you are already known to us, please get in touch by dropping us an email to