MARSHALL: Just a pup in recovery RESERVED!

All about MARSHALL: Just a pup in recovery RESERVED!

CHIP NO: 250268780242230
DATE OF BIRTH; 1 March 2022
BREED TYPE: Border Collie
STERILISED: No, too young - but will be done.

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Meet MARSHALL – at just 7 months old, a lad who has not had the best start in life  . . . but now we hope that things are going to change for him and he will very soon be “on the up”.

We were asked to help this boy by one of the vets with which we frequently work.  MARSHALL had been brought in injured – probably the result of an RTA – and the owners had asked for him to be put to sleep.  There was no reason for euthanasia as there was no sign of internal injury which could have been life-threatening – but there was a badly broken femur which was going to require specialist veterinary attention and it was something they were not prepared even to contemplate.  This was where we stepped in.

His operation lasted two hours – because not only did he have a badly smashed femur, he also had a front leg gashed from elbow to toe.  Five days in care and he was released . . . only to have to go back 3 days later because the plate in his leg had bent and he had to undergo the surgery once more.  You don’t get more unlucky than that.

And so he now faces 2 months of rest and very restricted exercise, plus laser treatment on his wounds with frequent dressing changes.  But on the positive side, MARSHALL is young, he is a happy boy, he has a beautiful temperament, he loves his humans.  He is also getting used to living with other animals – notably dogs and kittens . . . which is hard when you are not allowed to play!

Updates on his laddie will follow.  He deserves the very best of loving homes when the time arrives and he is ready to move on.